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Factors to Consider for a Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is a choice for couples who want an intimate wedding
and an adventure. Destination weddings are a trend in Nigeria, and will
continue to be a popular choice especially for celebrity couples tying the

Below is a list of factors to consider:

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Consider if you can afford a destination wedding. Many people feel
destination weddings save money but there are unexpected costs which can
eat into your entire budget for the wedding.

Decide on the location

This is the whole essence of the destination wedding. Research the location
before making a final decision. Make sure the place fits into your budget
and that your guests will feel comfortable.

Travel arrangements

It is only ideal for you to make proper travel arrangements. You should
also ask your guests about their plans and how you can be of help to them,
or recommend them to someone. You can even cover their travel cost if you
have the funds for that.

Make sure you inform your guests six months before the wedding

This is an important aspect. After compiling the list of the guests you
plan on inviting, you should notify them to get prepared for the big day.
Don’t give them short notice because they may have other plans.


In regards to the location, make sure you are legally covered. Different
places have different marriage requirements. See our linked post below this
article for more info.

Hire a wedding planner

It can be stressful planning a destination wedding from a distance.
Therefore, hire a wedding planner to help guide and oversee the event. They
are more experienced and would know what to check for so that nothing is
overlooked. They’ll also know how to find vendors to suit the occasion.


Make sure your wedding attire and your guests’ will suit the location you
plan on using. Inform them of a suitable mode of dress.

Guests’ comfort

Your guests are coming from somewhere far to attend your wedding.
Therefore, it is on wise for you to appreciate them by making sure you
provide reasonable accommodations for them and make them feel comfortable.

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Photo source: @akintayotimi- Stephanie and Olu Mykonos wedding

Written by Temitope Ikusika