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Easy Tips On Keeping Your Kitchen Clean Always

A clean kitchen aside being beneficial to one's health, also makes cooking more attractive. However, getting to clean the kitchen after a delicious meal can be so stressful, but you really have to clean it up. Here are few tips to make the cleaning process easier.

1.     Pick a convenient spot to prepare the ingredients for your meals.

You know your kitchen best, so look out for the best spot to prepare your meals. For instance, if you slice and dice right next to the sink, it will help to reduce the level of a spill in the kitchen. Hence, you should pick the right spot, so you’ll be running around less.

2.    Use fewer dishes and utensils

Using fewer dishes and utensils will help to reduce the level of cleaning after cooking. For example: If you are preparing a lot of similar ingredients, see if you can combine them all in the same bowl without even washing it in between.

3.    Thoroughly clean your kitchen weekly

Pick a day in the week; you will dedicate to cleaning your kitchen thoroughly. This will help you to re-arrange your kitchen items, scrub the floor, clean the cupboard, etc. and also get rid of any pest around.

4.    Clean spill immediately

The easiest way to ensure your kitchen is clean always is to clean as you cook. This will help reduce the work load of cleaning after eating because it might be difficult to start cleaning after eating.

5.    Set rules

To ensure you have a clean kitchen always, you need to set rules. Your rules could be everyone should wash his or plate after eating, or they should neatly clear the remnants of food on their plates and place them neatly near the sink.

Photo credit: huffpost.com

Written by Temitope Ikusika