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Disney Launches New Range of Wedding Dresses

It seems the traditional white coloured wedding gown is gradually taking a back seat. Brides are getting daring with colour blends and Disney just made this easier.

"It's the age old stereotype - ask a bride-to-be who she'd love to channel on her wedding day and many will say a princess. And now, as Disney, er, un veils their line of amazing wedding dresses, those bride's dreams are fast become a reality.

Disney has collaborated with Japanese wedding company, Kuraudia Co, on a new wedding line that consists of 14 dresses, taking after six of their princesses.

Brides can choose between Belle, Ariel, Rapunzel, Aurora (AKA Sleeping Beauty), Snow White or Cinderella. However, if you were planning on taking your dress home to gather dust in the cupboard like all good wedding dresses, think again: the gowns are only available for rent and will set you back $3,600 (N1,281,600) a piece.

But it's worth it to spend the day looking like you stepped out of a fairytale, right? Right.

If you want to take it to the next level (and who doesn't on their wedding day? Heck, you've come this far) husbands can also rent a Prince Charming tux for $900 (N320,400)."



For Cinderella's get up, the flowing gown features a dramatic powder-blue bodice.

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Belle is quite literally the belle of the ball in her canary-yellow, off-the-shoulder dress. Layers of silk are ruffled to mimic the Beauty's ballgown perfectly.

Snow White

You can don a red, strapless number a la Snow White.

Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is angelic in a resplendent tulle-lined gown. Perfect for a mid-reception nap. Right?


Would you rock any of these stunners?


Source: www.mirror.co.uk

Written by SWP editor