Couple takes ‘World’s Longest Honeymoon’

The honeymoon has no end in sight for St. Charles newlyweds Chris and Lindsay Lenard.

When planning their January wedding, the couple decided that instead of spending a lot on a big reception they would use their savings on an extended world tour. They sold most of their possessions and left home to focus on their passions in life together, embarking on what they are calling the “World’s Longest Honeymoon.”

“There’s no better way to start a life together,” she said.

So far, their destinations have included Iceland, England and Spain.

While touring, the Lenards continue to work in the fields they love – graphic design and web development for businesses – which they do remotely.

During their travels, the Lenards mostly stay at Airbnbs.

Currently, they are staying with a host family in Mallorca, Spain.

“We’re helping the family with some housework in exchange for a place to sleep and a meal a day,” Chris Lenard said. “Having a free place to stay for a bit gives us the opportunity to extend our travels.”

He said they sometimes splurge and stay at hotels “because who doesn’t love pools and room service?” They are on their honeymoon, after all.

Lindsay Lenard said she doesn’t think they will ever get over this stage.

“Even when we do decide to settle down one day, we want to keep that honeymoon spirit in our relationship,” she said.

The couple created a blog,, to share their experiences and travel tips and allow others to follow their journey. The Lenards both have a passion for photography and use it as a tool for storytelling on their blog.

“Our focus with our blog is to inspire others to travel and show that it’s possible to make a life on the road.” Chris Lenard said.

The blog features photos and short videos they shot, as well as stories they wrote highlighting special travel experiences. Among their favorites was seeing a group of about 40 horses along the side of a road near a mountain range in Iceland after they visited Skogafoss Waterfall and Black Sand Beach in Vik. Each rode horses while growing up, and they met while both were working in the horse show industry, so that sight holds a special place in their memories.

After Mallorca, the Lenards will head to Malaga, then to Gibraltar and Morocco, followed by Paris and Italy. The couple will finish the European leg of their world tour in Hungary, where they will meet some of Lindsay Lenard’s relatives.

After their Hungary visit, the Lenards plan to return to the U.S. to see family, attend a wedding and take a few stateside trips. In September, they will make their way toward Southeast Asia and Indonesia, keeping their plans loose and scheduling destinations as they go.

“The plan is there is no definite plan,” Chris Lenard said.




Written by SWP editor