Countdown To Your Christmas Party Checklist

Christmas is fast approaching and if you are planning on hosting a Christmas party, now is the time to put your plans into action. To get started, a budget checklist will be very handy. Here are some major considerations to help you in bringing your budget checklist to life:   

  1. Set the date: Pick a convenient date for you to entertain your guests, especially a date that your guests will be able to honour.

  2. Expenses: How much are you planning on spending for the whole event? Take into consideration rental costs of chairs, venue (if its not at home), food, drinks, crockery and entertainment. If you choose to ball out with an event planner, insert planning expenses here.

  3. Type of Party: Consider if your Christmas party will be an intimate setting at home or you would like to rent a venue for it.   

  4. Guest list and Invitations: Is this going to be an event for only your family and friends or are co-workers invited to? Remember that e-cards designed online can be very efficient and inexpensive. Formally printed or written invitations may be better for a corporate or official event but will add extra costs to your budget.

  5. Theme: Consider if you will have special decorations asides traditional Christmas colours.

  6. Setting: Casual or Formal? This is the time to consider your table and seating arrangements. For a more casual setting at home, make the best use of your living area or garden with the seats and side tables you already have. At a formal Christmas party, you may have to consider hiring tables and chairs if your chosen venue does not already have any.

  7. Preparation: You may also have to spend some money on cleaning and decorating if you aren’t cleaning yourself or hiring any professional decorators.

  8. Food and Drinks: It’s time to hash out a menu that’s appropriate for the guests you are inviting.

  9. Entertainment: Whether a personal or corporate event, decide if you want a live band, a dj or a musician to perform at your Christmas party. Alternatively, download some nice holiday music and let your stereo do the work.

  10. Making Memories: It may be a good idea to take pictures during the party of different groups with your professional camera or even a hired photo booth, complete with props depending on the light-heartedness of your invited guests. Alternatively, you can use your mobile phone if its camera is of good quality.   

Now that the Christmas party is over, it’s time to debrief your planner (if you used one) or make a mental note of the areas you could have made different decisions. Don’t forget to thank your guests for attending the party!


Written by Feso Adeniji