Colour Your Wedding Ice Blue And Chocolate Brown

Ice blue and chocolate brown is not a colour combo we see at weddings often and we don’t know why because it is such a beautiful marriage (pun intended)! From dresses to desserts, it creates a beautiful fusion of colour and flavour. But, we’ll put aside our cravings for mint chocolate chip ice cream that this post is evoking and share this wedding colour inspiration with you.

This ice blue and chocolate brown wedding cake is pure art; chocolate pine cones dusted with sugar and placed on a pale icy background. The simplicity is fantastic and the result, well; you can see how gorgeous that is.

Do we love this bouquet or what? It is giving us all kinds of Frozen and Freya vibes. Speaking of which, this colour combo is actually spot-on for a winter wonderland wedding theme.

Case in point, this delicious-looking cupcake...

Here’s a table-setting idea.

One last thing, a collage of possibilities with ice blue and chocolate brown.

You’re welcome.                                                                                                                                                                          


Written by Sandra N.U.