Calling all 'Last Minute Lovers'

So Valentine's day is finally here, and you haven't quite figured out what to do for your lady (or guy), don't despair, the tips below may be just what you need to score winning points

Start the Day with Roses (or a potted plant)

Who doesn't love nature? Order her a gorgeous bouquet from your favourite florist (Tip: try an arrangement with locally available flowers to go easy on your pocket)
Or skip the conventional altogether and get her/him a nice potted plant, you will gain bonus points for this lifetime gift.

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Send Lunch 

Everyone has to eat, right? Top the excitement and skip the traffic with lunch from her/his favourite restaurant delivered straight to her/his desk. Fill her/his heart with love and her belly with food.

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A Romantic Night Out (Or In)

You might not have seen her/him all day, but your 'lover' will definitely want to spend the evening with you. A romantic night-out (or in) would be a perfect way to end the day. If her/his favourite restaurant is fully booked, create the mood at home, for the culinary gifted cook a sumptuos dinner, light the candles and we're sure you'll figure out the rest!

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Whatever you do don't forget it's a weekday and (for most of us) there's work tomorrow... :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Written by SWP editor