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Bridal Nails: Designs and Ideas

Nails are an essential accessory for a bride for her big day. In fact, you
can rarely see a bride show up on her wedding day without getting herself a
pretty manicure. From long to very short cuts, nails are one accessory that
never seems to go out in style. New and exciting designs come out every
single day, so rather than sticking to that boring old look, why not try
out something new, trendy and exciting? If you’re clueless about bridal
nails, this post will help you. Here are few nail designs and ideas for
your wedding:

photo source @innailart

Go Nude

If you’re just that bride who loves natural, classy and stylish looks, you can try out some of these nude nails.

photo: @anna_malinko

Trend Setter

Beautiful brides are everywhere! And some just can’t keep calm. It’s their wedding, and it’s time to set the trends. Here are some trendsetting looks you can try.

photos: @laquenailbar

photo: @lanakraeva


The ombre nail designs are unique. Not to mention how it can complement the bride’s physical features and attire. Here are some spectacular ombre designs to try:

photo: @badgirlnails

photo: @nailsbyeffi

Think Pink

Maybe you’re a fairytale princess having a fairy tale wedding. If you’re also a fan of the colour pink (it comes with the territory), here are some lovely designs to try.

photo: eslamoda.com

The metallic variant of pink: rose gold

photo: @bestartnails.com

Being Blue doesn’t necessarily mean you’re Blue

If you're keeping wedding traditions, your nails could be your Something Blue. Trust me; there's nothing blue about a bride who rocks these gorgeous designs.

photo: @magnifique_studio_indigo_nails

photo via: weheartit.com

Matte Ladies

For the love of matte finishing, here are some beautiful designs for a perfect bridal look.

photo: @uglyducklingnails

photo: @nailsbymztina

Why Black?

If you want to go all out on your wedding day, try black. It’s ideal for ladies who are in love with the colour black. The best part is that it may even match your husband’s suit!

photo: @masternailsira

photo: designtrends.com

Coat of Many Colours

Here’s for dashing brides who are ready to dare the world. You can try out these beautiful designs if you are a lover of colours.

photo: @nailsbynemo
Written by Ojatula Opeyemi