Beach Pre-Wedding Shoot Inspiration

The beach is a great place to have your pre-wedding shoot. First and most obvious, it is beautiful. Blue sea, waves, sand, open sky – it’s a gorgeous backdrop. But there’s more, and this is why beach pre-wedding shoots are a favourite of ours.

Natural light: Anyone with selfie addiction experience will tell you that the sun is the best filter. Everything looks better in natural lighting. The last thing you need is that ghostly concealer flashback, right? Your photographer will also be able to do without all the extra lighting and just let creativity take centre stage.

Photo Credit: @kenoniphotography

Space: There’s more than enough space for those artistic wide angle shots. Those leisurely beach strolls captured from a distance look really romantic.

Photo Credit: @dannikrisnawan

Sunsets: Quite high on the list of things that will take your breath away, beach sunsets are a photo op made in heaven. A silhouette photo taken at sunset will be fit for a magazine or a postcard.

So here are a few suggestions:

•    Bring props. Balloons work great with sunset photos. If you’re going for a picnic theme, you’ll need a mat, a basket, maybe even some block letters of your initial; or your wedding date for a subtle announcement.

Photo Credit: anabridalptk

•    Let loose. A beach theme allows you to be really playful and over the top even, so just go for it. Be as dramatic as you want. Let rip your biggest laugh, Play and get messy in the sand and water, go for a full-on snog. You’re getting married, PDA is allowed.

•    Wear comfortable clothing. Easy, breezy clothes that will let you play like a kid again. Hey, what about matching tees? This is one instance where it is not corny at all.

Photo Credit: @francislens

•    Have loads of fun with your boo. You’re getting married, congratulations!

Photo Credit: beautyandbrushes

Written by Sandra N.U.