8 Unusual Wedding Favour Ideas

Are you tired of seeing towels and plastic hand fans given out at weddings? The change begins with you! Set the trend and allow others to follow your unique idea; here are eight unusual wedding favour ideas that would make great gifts for your guests:


Want to save on the stress of serving cake at the wedding and eliminate waste? Give your guests a cupcake to-go in a cute box that they can re-use for storing other things.

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Scented candles and Diffusers

This could be an awesome giveaway for the couples that attend your wedding or just people that enjoy different scents to warm up their rooms and living space.

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A nice brooch or flower pin for the ladies will be great for the ladies to wear to work or a social event. Brooches are simple and may be an inexpensive wedding favour depending on the number of expected guests.

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Scarves and Pocket Squares

For a small wedding, these scarves and pocket squares could be a great idea if they come in different patterns and do not have the couple’s name printed on them. This limits their usability as it may be tacky to wear a nice scarf or pocket square and have “Tolu weds Kayode” or #TKAY2017 sprawled all over the material’s surface.

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The combination of milk and cookies never get old. Plan a box of gooey cookies of different flavours so that your guests can have a memorable midnight snack.

Boxes of Treats
Get creative with a multifunctional box that you can give guests to share with their families. It could include edible items, useful household items and candy to make it appealing to the kids. Throw in a toy if your budget will allow you!

Selection of Teas and Coffee
The finest mix of British teas for the tea lovers and good old Kenyan coffee for the coffee lovers will have your guests remember you every morning at breakfast. This wedding favour is perfect for the rainy season.


Remember, you can have a variety of wedding favours to give out on your wedding day; it's ok for everyone to have different gifts. Good luck in assembling your wedding favours!

Written by Feso Adeniji