8 Super Easy Beauty Hacks You Probably Don't Know

1. Apple cider vinegar as a face toner.

We have tried it and it works. ACV naturally restores your skin to its normal PH, clears breakouts and helps fade dark spots, especially new ones. Just be sure to dilute it: one part ACV to two parts water (three if you have sensitive skin). Apply gently with a cotton pad on cleansed skin, and follow with a moisturiser.
Image Source: dailyhealthpost.com

2. Banish under eye bags with a cold spoon

Rough night? Reduce puffy eyes by placing a tablespoon in the fridge until cold, and then put it over your closed lids. The cold will even reduce any reddening.
Image Source: seventeen.com

3. Use a spoon to create a flawless cat eye

Not all of us are gifted with the ability to perfectly line our eyes. In fact, we will go ahead and call it a superpower, but don’t worry, here’s a hack. Still got that spoon? Use the straight end to create the line, and the curved end to draw the arc, and then fill in and look like a pro!
Image Source: cosmopolitan.com

4. Milk of Magnesia as a mattifying primer

We have heard testimonies about this antacid from ladies with oily skin. If your regular face primer packs up and flees when our Nigerian heat strikes, try a bottle of milk of magnesia. Apply a thin layer with a cotton pad, let dry and do your makeup as normal.
Image Source: wimp.com

5. Potato for dark marks

Has that potato been tempting you to fry it and risk breakouts? Strike back. Cut the raw potato in half and rub it over your dark spots, allowing the juice to spread over your face. Let it dry and leave it on another fifteen minutes before you wash. You can do the same with your underarms. Fine girl 1; Potato 0.
Image Source: wikibeautytips.com

6. Use a call card for flawless mascara application

All those complimentary cards we will never use are finally going to be put to good use. Prevent those mascara smears on your eyelids by holding a card against your top lashline as you apply your mascara. Only the card will get any extra smears and voila, flawless lids.
Image Source: seventeen.com

7. A matchbox to smooth your nail

It can be really annoying when your nail breaks or splits and there’s no nail file around right? Keep calm and rub that jagged nail against the striking surface of a matchbox to smooth the rough edges.
Image Source: wikipedia.org

8. Beetroot as a natural lip stain

If you don’t like to eat this vegetable, here’s a chance to use it in a way you’ll actually like. If you do love beets, you certainly don’t need an excuse to kiss one. Cut it in half; now pucker up. You’ll get a gorgeous natural berry lip tint that won’t smear off like lipstick.
Image Source: healthyfoodhouse.com
Written by Sandra N.U.