8 Steps to your Destination Do

Jetting off to your dream destination wedding can be exciting, but be sure to plan accordingly before you do. Destination weddings are quickly gaining popularity in Nigeria for a host of reasons, costs usually being the primary one. If you're not already in the know, a destination wedding is when a couple decides to host their wedding in a foreign usually tropical location. Get inspired with our super eight planning steps

  1. Costs: As exciting as your dream location may be and as special as you are, your family and friends certainly will not enjoy spending their children's annual school fees to attend your wedding. Costs are a big factor, choose your location wisely.
  2. Notice: Give your guests at least 9 months notice of where your wedding will hold and at least a rough estimate of travel costs. Chances are your friends and family are shelling upwards of a $1000 to attend your wedding, give them time to work this into their budgets
  3. Options: Do give your invited guests a host of options, make sure there are multiple airlines, hotels and travel agents to select from, in different price bands to give the utmost flexibility. For added savings, arrange travel packages with a pre-designated travel agent
  4. All Inclusive: Consider an all-inclusive hotel or resort, all inclusive hotels generally cover all meals and drinks under one flat room price. Your guests will be thankful that there are no added expenses.
  5. Visas: Be mindful of visa requirements when selecting a country for your destination wedding. There are lots of beautiful locations that do not require visas.
  6. Vendors: Keep in mind that you will not be able to use most of your favourite vendors, if there are some you can not do without, like your hair stylist or make-up artist, make sure you include their travel costs in your budget.
  7. Details: The expression "it's all in the details" certainly holds true for destination weddings, make sure details like transportation including airport pick-ups and, smooth check-ins are sorted for each of your guests.
  8. 8)Give Back: Make sure the entire trip is worth it for your guests, chances are they'll will be with you for a few days, so other than the wedding itself plan activities for each day, welcome cocktails and fancy boat rides are just a few of the activities that could keep your guests pleasantly engaged.

These steps should help get your creative juices flowing. Happy planning.

By A. Ejums

Written by Sugar Weddings