8 Rustic Wedding Invitations For 2017

We love rustic wedding invitations because they cut through the frills and the floss and deliver a more stripped down, charming, personal touch. They also lend themselves very well to DIY so you could very well make your own rustic wedding invites, especially if you are having a similarly themed wedding. Think wood, lace, aged paper, string, burlap and so on.

  1. Reminiscent of writing with chalk on a blackboard, this is a simple and unique way to invite people to your wedding. The picture of a mason jar vase of flowers is a nice touch.
  2. This one looks like an antique document or certificate. Perfect for a vintage themed wedding.
  3. The cut-out vellum effect brings back memories of art projects.
  4. This paper has been made to look like wood. The effect is beautiful, like having your wedding date etched into wood.
  5. An added touch of burlap and lace is a great finishing touch for rustic-style invitations.
  6. Another black background invite. Can you tell we love how different this is from the norm? This one has the date written boldly on an extra card and hanging from the string that ties it all together.
  7. You can totally have a picture of you and Bae in the background of wedding invitations? It’s almost 2017, do something new.
  8. Floral is an awesome option too. Your love is in bloom and so should your invitations! Don’t be shy, especially if you know you’re going to have lots of flowers in your decor.
Written by Sandra N.U.