7 Ways To Treat Your Man Like A King, No 5 Is A Must Read.

After the wedding is all over, it’s time to make your man feel like he couldn’t have chosen anyone better. The good thing about making your man feel special is that he also begins to treat you like the Queen that you are. Get over your pride and let the Man in your life know that he is special to you and he means the whole world to you.

Here are 7 easy ways to show him that he is the King of your Heart;

1. Cook Him Something Special: I know, I know, cooking might not be your thing but trust me this is one way to make your man feel special. He will appreciate the effort you put into making him a delicious meal and even if you’re not a good cook there are countless of recipe channels and social media handles that will make this experience easier.

2. Compliment Him: Guys also like to be complimented. It helps them feel good. Tell him you like his shirt, cologne, tie or better still compliment the characters you like in him. You can compliment him for being so polite, so hardworking, sensitive or for just loving you so well.

3. Heat things up in the Bedroom: I am sure you expected this on the list so here it is. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and try something new in bed. Get out a sexy lingerie, put up candles and make the first move this time. Make this unforgettable.

4. Take care of yourself: Yes, I mean take care of yourself. If you look like a Queen, he will surely feel like a king. He may tease you about how much time you spend making up but he is very happy when you look beautiful. Regardless of the many house chores, make it a top priority that you look good. You’ll make him so proud when his friends say how fit and beautiful you look. So girls, get to the gym and lose those extra pounds, get your nails and hair done and be beautiful.

5. Respect Him: Various studies have shown that Men value respect More than Love. Men are very egoistic and it will make them so pleased to know that their wives, think highly of them. Many men have secret fears of not being “enough” for their partners. You can trust him by asking for his advice and help, trust his judgement even if he has made wrong decisions in the past still believe in him and work as a team, show public respect, speak to him courteously in front of friends and family.

6. Put Down Your Phone: Yes, you may not know but always being on your phone can make you have less attention for him. You might give him the impression that your social media friends are more important than him and even when you get on your phone share funny videos and memes with him, tag him on the latest gossip, but whatever you do don’t let the phone replace the “We-time” you should both have.

7. Get something for him too, when you go shopping: It’s funny how little gestures can make a big difference. Regardless of how small it is get something just for him when you go personal or grocery shopping. Knowing that you are always thinking of him will definitely make him feel like a king.

Written by Loye Motunrayo