7 Useful Tips For Attending A Singles Mixer

Online dating may not be your thing because you prefer to meet people physically and decipher whether you would like to become more acquainted within five minutes. Events like Singles Mixers are perfect for people who have been carried away by their careers or who may not have had any dating luck in the past. Are you thinking of attending a singles mixer? Here are eight useful tips to help you out:

Dress to Impress

Do not attend a singles mixer looking like you can’t be bothered because your friend dragged you out the house. If you are coming from work, remember that you can switch up your outfit by removing a tie here, taking off your jacket or letting your hair down. Smell nice but don’t drench yourself with the fragrance potion because you don’t want the pretty girl to keep sneezing when you are standing by her. Keep it simple and look clean as appearance allows for visual stimulation of your potential partner.

Don’t Have Too Many Expectations

Singles mixers are meant for mixing! Although someone may approach you even if you are clustered in a corner with the friends you came with it may not happen too often. Relax and be sociable- speak to as many people as you can and don’t have the mindset that you must find “the one” at that particular event.

Be Accessible

It is important that you wear comfortable shoes so that you can switch your seating area or cocktail table every twenty minutes to meet new people. It just might be a turn-off if you keep complaining about how your feet hurt. Sitting through these events alone may seem very anti-social and you don’t want people wondering why you came.

Don’t Crowd the Hot Guy or Girl

Even if you find someone attractive, don’t hover around their space to get noticed especially if there are other people doing the same thing. Chances are, if you stand out from the crowd, somehow your energies will synergise and you will end up speaking to that person.

Have Some Manners

If you are a girl, you know it’s a turn-off for a guy to visibly stare you down and look at your bust or even your feet. Don’t do the same thing by staring him down until your eyes rest at his crotch, searching for a bulge!

Approach With Caution

When you find someone attractive, it is important to be courteous and polite. Its ok to flirt just enough for the person to read your body language but don’t overpower them by getting too close, holding their hands and groping their body. Too much, too soon is a turn-off especially if you are ready to date with the purpose of entering a serious relationship.

Be Direct

Tell them that you fancy another date to get to know them better away from the maddening crowd, only if you mean it!

Remember to stay confident and calm. Good luck in meeting someone new!

Written by Feso Adeniji