7 Fun Bridesmaid Games and Activities

It’s time to find some new ways to have fun and surprise your friends that are due to walk down the aisle! These seven bridesmaid games and activities will show you that bridal showers do not always have to be about finger food and cocktails:

Burlesque Dancing
Plan a surprise with all the bridesmaids and take the bride -to-be to a sexy burlesque class. Get your dancing heels on and keep an open mind to get your acrobatic prowess on with some chairs, dancing heels and a clean floor to express your inner “Sasha Fierce” on!

Romantic Movie Quotes
This game involves guessing the name of a movie after listening to a romantic quote from it. Compile a list of popular movie quotes and give points to the first person that answers correctly.

Name the Song
The host of the shower should prepare a playlist of different love songs from all over the world, debuted at different times. Hand out a list of papers and pens and ask the bridesmaids to guess who sang that song! The person with the highest number of correct guesses wins the game.

The Couple’s Trivia
Prepare a list of fifteen to twenty questions about the future bride and groom’s journey and hand these out to everyone. Download readymade templates for this game from the web or you’re your own questions up. Questions could include “where did they meet?” and “what year did they start dating?”. This game will declare how well the ladies know the couple and details of their journey to marriage.

Married or Not?
Write down a list of your favourite celebrities from all over the world and identify which ones are married or not. The person with the highest score wins.

What’s in the Bag?
Make a list of likely to unlikely items and award points to the first girl that brings them out of her bag. These items could be chewing gum, receipts, bank card, and glasses.

Belly Dancing
It’s time to get your shimmy on, wind your hips and roll your waist in a special belly dancing class organised for your bridal shower!
These activities and games are fun; they will definitely bring out the playful side of different people and make people step out of their comfort zone.


Photo Credit: i.onthe.io

Written by Feso Adeniji