7 Cute Ways To Be A Supportive Husband

Let’s face it; your woman needs all the support you can give her. When she feels the love, she’ll be at her best and that means you get the best side of her. Happy wife, happy life right? Here are 7 cute and simple ways to be a supportive husband.

1.     Listen intently

There is no time that listening is not important. Give her your undivided attention especially if she is stressed. Major key alert: turn off the TV and face her. Let her vent and make sympathetic sounds, but read the situation and know when the anger/stress is intensifying. At that point, give her a hug and soothe her till she quiets down. Then try number 2.

2.    Give her a massage

Please try not to give her the impression that you just want some. Google “how to give a massage” so you’ll do it right. You’ll have her love struck and it can result in a happy ending for you both. *wink wink*

3.    Make her dinner

Surprise her with a dinner you actually took your time to make and she will be thanking Heaven she married you. Do the dishes afterward and you will earn the coveted “Best Husband Ever” award.

4.   Write sweet words

You can sneak a love letter into her bag for her to find later in the day. Tell her why you love her so much and that you are so glad she married you. Or you can text her midday to let her know she is on your mind, you love her and she “got this”.  She will come home ready to show you how much she loves you.

5.    Let her sleep in

There is nothing more elusive for a wife and mother than sleep. Take charge of the kids and let her sleep away a morning. It could be the best gift you’ve ever given her.

6.    Buy her a gift

You expected this didn’t you? It has to be something she really wants. This can be easy if you have been listening intently. It may be her favourite box of cupcakes or that bracelet she once drooled over. If you get it right, it’ll be so worth it to see her child-like delight.

7.    Pray with her in the morning

Hold her hand and say a special prayer for her before you part ways in the morning. There is nothing sweeter and more heartwarming than a husband who cares that deeply about his wife.

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Written by Sandra N.U.