7 Bachelor Party Ideas

Its cliché to assume that a Bachelor party must always involve the strip club, naked girls, alcohol and loose change. In situations where the groom actually has no wish to have a “conventional” bachelor party, it will be worthwhile if the best man settles for other adrenalin- pumped ideas. Here are 8 bachelor party ideas that do not focus only on girls and booze:


It’s time to show your competitive prowess in a game of 5 –a-side footy. Be creative and form two teams complete with different colour jerseys or shirts with each person’s nickname inscribed on it.


Have a real lad’s night in the great outdoors (somewhere relatively safe) complete with a campfire or makeshift barbeque to warm up some kebabs.


This can only be pulled off if the groom and a few of the groomsmen already play golf. It’s a particular sport and one’s love for it can only mature like fine wine.

Road Trip

Pack up some pizzas, suya and beer in a party bus and take a road trip to a place outside town or even a neighbouring country. Hiring a driver is recommended so time can be conveniently spent with each other.

Beach House Trip

This could be a peaceful getaway, away from the woes of the city. Ilashe and Inagbe beach resorts have accommodation and are conveniently situated a 25 minute boat ride out of town. Music, beach buggies, jet skis and food are all the guys should need.

Sports Night

This may include watching a game at the groom’s favourite sports bar or at home while everyone is wearing their club’s jerseys. What sport are you and your buddies into- football, basketball, rugby or tennis?

Games Night

The ultimate chance to declare who the champ is in a game of ludo, scrabble, poker or WHOT! Better yet, there can be a games line-up throughout the night along with some finger food and drinks.

Enjoy your Parental Guidance (PG) rated bachelor party and stay in the heart of your ladies!

Written by Feso Adeniji