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6 Wedding Hacks That Couples Should Know

Wedding hacks are the ultimate shortcuts or ease-givers you need for proper planning, entertainment and the ultimate execution of your event. They may not necessarily save you money, but they will save time and alleviate some stress related to planning your wedding. Here are six wedding hacks that you should know about:

Wedding Cake
The wedding cake to be cut in front of your guests could be different from the one served to them. Having two wedding cakes or alternatives to a cake for general consumption could make your cake handling easier. A cupcake tower of different cupcakes or cake slices from a big (no-tiered) cake for your guests will satisfy the cravings for dessert.

Veil Weights
Veil weights are tiny weights that can be hooked onto the bride’s veil and will come in handy for any outdoor wedding to stop her veil from blowing off.

Joint Email
A joint email for any wedding correspondence and bills should be set up for better organisation; this will help the couple locate documents shared online regarding their wedding via email. This email will also be beneficial after the wedding for joint bills and family transactions.

Numbered RSVP Cards
If you wish to have limited RSVP cards for your intimate wedding reception, number all the cards so that they correspond to the numbers placed beside the names on your guest list. This way, you can track what card originally belonged to a certain guest.

Heel Protectors
Heel protectors can be put on your wedding shoes if you have an outdoor wedding. This is great so that you don’t lose your balance and risk a fall on your special day. It will also keep your heels from sinking into sand.

Sewn-in Bra
To have your bra sewn into your wedding dress means you can dance with reckless abandon during your wedding reception. The last thing a bride should be bothering about is the strength of her bra to lift up her girlies!

After the wedding, be sure to keep your spirits up by continuing to do everything you loved before your wedding. Some of these hacks may directly benefit the bride, but the groom will indirectly benefit from her ultimate comfort and happiness.

Enjoy these hacks and live it up!

Photo Credit: pinimg.com

Written by Feso Adeniji