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6 Ways to Find Your Dream Man

Every girl wishes to end up with her dream man. For this to happen, you either have to find him or be found by him. There are few things to do to make this happen. Some of which are:

1.    Be at the right place.
This could be different for everyone but basically, if you have an idea of the kind of events or places you think you can come across your dream man, why not be there?. Places like restaurants, book clubs, gym, swim classes, conferences and social events. You just may be discovered by your dream man in some of these places.

2.    Do the right things.
This also varies. What may seem right to you may not be right to the next person. However, if you have an idea of your dream man and the kind of things, possibly the right things you think he should do, doing those things would create the perfect opportunity for you to meet each other

3.    Be his dream girl.
There is an old saying which is, be that person you want others to be. If you want to be found by your dream man, you have to be his dream girl. Good character, good morals, keeping fit and having a decent career. If you ask a girl to make a list of things she wants her dream man to have, these will come up on the list. So be the dream girl, your dream man would want.

4.    Put yourself out there.
You wouldn’t be found by your dream man behind closed doors. You need to come out to be found. Luckily social media has made it easy for good networking, but this is also part of putting yourself out there. If you think social media may give you an opportunity to meet your dream man, put yourself out there, brand yourself and place right values on yourself. Your dream man would definitely find you.

5.    Good branding.
This is all about putting a tag on who you are. For example, There is a difference between saying I am a tailor and saying I am a fashion architect. This isn’t being untruthful but just looking for the best way to brand yourself.

6.    Be flexible and rational.
Don’t be too rigid or uptight. Sometimes that which you see as imperfect may turn out to be the perfect dream man you’ve always wished for. Be flexible with your choices.

Good luck finding yours.

Written by Dr. Mute Akpomedaye