6 Unexpected Wedding Costs Brides Forget To Budget For

Even if you are the queen of drafting budgets, there may be a couple of items you may have forgotten about. Check out these six unexpected wedding costs that brides forget to budget for:

Bridesmaids Invitations

Rather than simply asking your friends to be on your train, you opt to do the in-thing and design or buy a special invitation requesting their presence on your bridal train. These invitations are often fancy and colorful with a few girly gifts. This is an unexpected cost because most brides don’t know they will be engaged at a certain time, leaving them only a short time to plan and pay for a certain number of bridesmaid invitations and gifts.

Beauty Treatments

These include anything from massages and full body waxing to manicures and pedicures. You may become so engulfed in planning the wedding that you leave all your seemingly necessary treatments to be done at the last minute. Seriously, your eyebrows need to look nice on your wedding day so you need to spend that extra bit of cash, right?

Posting Invitations

If you are having a big fat Nigerian wedding, then it’s not possible to hand deliver all your invitations. When time is of the essence, postal services become an unexpected wedding cost that you don’t mind adding last minute especially if you have to invite people that live outside your city.

Clothing Amendments

Are you a bride that has lost too much weight to fit into her wedding dress or a groom that has gained a bit too much muscle for his suit? At weddings, waists must look snatched and biceps must pop so ensure to budget for last minute clothing amendments for you and the boo.

Favors for Wedding Train

What’s a Nigerian wedding without wedding favors? Not a Nigerian wedding! While you have made your guests happy, you may want to chip in a little extra for your top supporters on your big day.

Hotel Bookings

Hotel bookings are often overlooked during weddings. Plan ahead for those family members that have spent a fortune already to make sure that they attend your wedding. It may also be wise to book a room with a wedding special close to the wedding venue for prime relaxation afterward.

Are you getting married soon? Have you forgotten any of these costs?  It may be helpful to leave some room in your wedding budget for miscellaneous or unexpected costs if you are not married yet. 


Photo Credit:the-toast.net

Written by Feso Adeniji