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6 Questions Not to Ask a Newly Engaged Couple

Engagements are exciting, but it is best to let this excitement be enjoyed
intimately between the couple before the wind of assorted questions from
friends and family blow them away prematurely. One may think he or she can
ask any question because of family ties or friendship, but it may not
always be appropriate to do so; they are probably basking in the “just got
engaged” air. Here are six questions not to ask a newly engaged couple:

When are you getting married?

Most couples will have no direct answer to this question or would rather
wait to discuss with certain members of their family before announcing a
date. Other couples will need to fulfil milestones in their career or
relationship before deciding on a particular date.

Who is on your bridal train?

Do you really want to know the answer to this question? The couple may
actually still be thinking about this. Or maybe you haven’t been chosen and
the couple doesn’t want to have that conversation with you just yet, or at

Where are you going to live after the wedding?

Do not ask this question; whatever neighbourhood they invite you to for
their housewarming, just accept and attend! Do not box them into a corner
only to further ask why they chose to move to that area, especially if
finances are a long-term consideration.

How many kids will you have?

This is probably the most personal of them all. Even the couple may not be
able to predict their fate with family life or any unknown health
considerations that may determine the answer to this question.

How big is your ring?

Emphasis should stay on the engagement and not the ring which is a mere
symbol of the engagement. Asking this question may make the bride-to-be
feel uneasy if indeed the ring is not that big.

Where are you going to for honeymoon?

The groom-to-be may want to surprise his future wife, so it’s not wise to
ask this question, especially if they are standing together. This will only
put more unnecessary pressure on the groom to reach higher, whether or not
he is capable.

These questions may bring uneasiness and panic as more than half of the
time, newly engaged couples do not have the answers to these questions
right away. Are you guilty of asking any of these questions?

Photo via i.ipinimg.com

Written by Feso Adeniji