6 Must Have Kitchen Items For Your New Home

Hey newbie! Congratulations on your new home. Now it's time to arrange your space and get the best out of it. The kitchen is one aspect of this new home that you can't neglect, therefore, to make your kitchen enjoyable and make cooking easy, ensure that you have the necessary items handy. While you don't have to buy every single item in one day, a scale of preference can help you set your kitchen up and running.  

The Items listed below are the basics you need just before you eventually sort out your 'dream kitchen'


Of course you need a cooker, except if you are just into salads and take outs. You could choose to use a gas or an electric cooker as long as you have the right source of heat to cook your meals.




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The whole essence of having a kitchen is to cook delicious meals. To achieve this, you need cooking pots, frying pans for stir fries / regular fries and other cookwears.

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Basic Utensils

You need basic utensils in the kitchen. Examples are: Knives, cooking spoon, spoons, forks etc. We all know the importance of these utensils.

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You don’t want to be eat your cooked food straight from pot right? So this explains why you need plates to dish out your food after cooking. You can start with about four plates and increases the number later. Have it in mind that you can never have too many plates in your kitchen because you never can tell who would be coming for 'dinner'.


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This is a must have in the kitchen because it can be used for mixing, storage and washing food items in the kitchen. 

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Sponge & Detergent

Sponges and detergents are essential. You will need them to wash up the kitchen items after using them.

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So goodluck with setting up your new home.

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Written by Temitope Ikusika