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5 Wedding Trends to Ditch in 2017

Although cliché moments at weddings are almost inevitable, they have managed to come in the form of trends inspired by the couple’s wedding theme. Here are five wedding trends to ditch for this last quarter of 2017:

Formal Reception Meals

Three-course meal receptions require a lot of care, planning and money to deliver. They are nice for an intimate wedding but may appear a bit rowdy for a large wedding where you may not have a lot of waiters at the guests’ service.


Photo Credit:weddingsforaliving.com

Flower Crowns

Ladies, oversized flower crowns are really getting old, it’s time to let go of this live snap chat filter and face reality. Your hair is beautiful as it is already, embrace your whole package with three snaps.

Photo credit:pinimg.com

Massive Bridal Bouquets

It’s definitely out of season to carry a huge bouquet of flowers; it is better to carry a cute bouquet as an accessory to your outfit as opposed to making it the dominant part of your look. Don’t carry a bouquet that overshadows your dress!

Photo Credit:Pinimg.com

All White Dress Code

Let the wedding be about you and your significant other by being the only ones clad in white, symbolising your union wearing white. All white bridal trains can be beautiful as well when the bridesmaids’ outfits are simple and do not overshadow the bride’s wedding dress.

Photo Credit:ytimg.com

Cocktails with Special Names

We get that you want to look cute as a couple at your wedding reception with lots of “thought” going into the decoration, food and drinks but it’s time to leave behind the corny sounding cocktails that are essentially just a mix of your names. Just pick something simple that everyone would like, it probably has a margarita mix as its base anyway!


Are you married already or are you planning on getting married? Is it not ironic that these wedding trends to ditch cost you more money if you incorporate them into your theme?

Written by Feso Adeniji