5 Wedding Themes To Look Out For In 2017

We have practically reached the end of 2016 and it seems like the 2016 wedding themes have all been done.  Do you want to be different and have a wedding to remember? Why not incorporate a new theme into your wedding plans for next year? Here are 5 wedding themes to look out for in 2017:


Green leafy bouquets are becoming popular and are actually cheaper than bouquets that have only flowers. Leafy trimmings can be incorporated in center pieces and to decorate various parts of the wedding venue. Using greenery definitely fits into a garden themed wedding so get creative!

Coloured Wedding Dress

Colours like blush, cream and even red are making their way to the bridal scene. A coloured wedding dress is for the bride who is not afraid to defy tradition while looking super stylish on her big day.

Mismatched Bridal Party

Being matched to the letter is slowly becoming a thing of the past -your bridal party might actually look better and feel happier with portraying individual style identities.  Their hair may be styled differently (e.g. long/short, natural hair/hair extensions), have different shoes of the same colour, different shades of the same fabric and different styles for their bridesmaids’ dress. The groomsmen may also have different colours of suits or different shades of the same colour and a similar tie.

Ditch The Tiered Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes of several tiers are still present at weddings but there are now alternatives to the “cutting of the cake” item on a wedding schedule. Some people opt for donut or cupcake pyramids which all the guests get a piece of. This might eliminate the need to make available cake slices for guests’ desert. If you feel you still want a wedding cake with to cut and take home after your reception then a simply decorated one-tier cake with a husband and wife model on top should suffice.

Handmade Invitations

These may be more expensive but will definitely have an artistic appeal, setting the initial tone for the event. Hire some artisans who love to meddle with different materials to give your guests something to post on their kitchen notice board or fridge!

A memorable wedding will have a mixture of various themes like the ones written above and will be expensive, time consuming but fun to plan. Otherwise, give your wedding planner the brief of her life!

Written by Feso Adeniji