5 Ways To Avoid Being A Bridezilla

Marriage is supposed to be a happy time in the life of a couple and in if you live in this part of the world (Lagos, Nigeria), it’s an absolute joy for the bride to move out of her parents’ house. The bride usually goes through a mix of emotions – anxiety, happiness, nostalgia, anger and sadness being most of them. A future bride is called “bridezilla” when her desire to have the perfect wedding results in an unbalanced mix of emotions leading to behaviour that is branded unreasonable or demanding.

If you would like to be cautious and avoid being a bridezilla to the detriment of your loved ones, the following five points are for you:

Don’t Develop OCD overnight

It is quite possible that you indeed do not have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, yet you feel an urge to check completed tasks repeatedly and even change plans last minute so that “everything can be perfect”. Let the wedding planner do her job; she is getting paid after all!

Limit your Bridal Train Expenses

Unless you are planning to foot some of the bills for your bridesmaids, do not expect them to go overboard for an outfit and accessories that may be worn only once. To ease costs, allow them to wear their choice of shoes (that they may already have) and don’t make them buy fresh bundles of 24 inch human hair just for your wedding. Your bridesmaids should definitely look beautiful but remember this is your wedding, so focus your energy on other things. They will probably dig a hole in their purses for your “surprise bachelorette party” anyway.

Don’t Bother About Your Weight Now!

You probably have just a few weeks left to walk down the aisle and while maintaining your weight is major key, don’t throw a hissy fit to everyone who cares to listen to you about how fat you are. As long as the dress fits whatever size you are at the moment, everything is peachy.

Show Gratitude

To debunk the feeling of others that you may be a Bridezilla, prove them wrong and show appreciation to everyone that played a role in making your big day a success. Thank your bridal train for sticking by you all the way; don’t take your special treatment for granted.

Just Relax

Avoid shouting at people, take a deep breath; inhale and exhale. Visiting a spa once or twice a month for a massage and special treatment will definitely improve your mood and relax your nerves. Yoga is a great relaxation exercise if you can not afford the spa.

If you are a bride about to get married, just remember to step inside a happy bubble everyday till the wedding is over. This way, you will avoid getting upset, unnecessary arguments with loved ones and unwanted tears. Remember a happy bride is a beautiful bride

Written by Feso Adeniji