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5 Unique Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Welcome to the party of gift-givers! If you are new to the club, pat yourself on the back and be proud for making your friends smile with carefully curated gifts that are meaningful. When giving gifts to particular friends, be intentional about the purpose of that gift and not just because you feel obliged to expand their shoe collection. Bridal showers present great opportunities to give ladies gifts that they will find useful in their new married life or use as an escape or means of aiding a hobby.
Here are five unique bridal shower gift ideas:

Wine Club Membership
From South African to Spanish, let your best girl be spoiled for choice on a Friday night after a hectic week of work. It’s a great opportunity to learn about wine pairings especially for all the dinners she plans to host.

A Memorable Gift
If you are already married, think about the best gift given to you as a wedding or bridal shower gift; this must be a gift that you currently have and still consider very useful. Also, think about giving this gift to your friend because of its memorable nature and ability to create an emotional mark in her heart.

Inscribed Items
To mark her new name and status as a married woman, you could make a special shirt or piece of jewellery with her new surname on it. For example, a great gift could be a bath robe or night shirt with the inscription “Becoming Mrs Coker” on it using a catchy font, colour and design.

Lingerie Gift Card
Lingerie is like a traditional bridal shower gift but giving gift cards may make this gift more unique because you are giving your friend the opportunity to select her preferred set of comfy yet sexy lingerie.

Bride Themed Beauty Kit
A beauty kit may come in the form of a perfectly curated travel kit that a bride needs the night before the wedding to treat herself to a private pamper session. Hair products or skin scrubs, soaps and lotions may be ideal to put this together.

Selecting the perfect bridal shower gift for your friend requires a lot of thinking, but you must know her likes and preferences so that you don’t get it wrong.

Photo Credit: krystlecouture.com

Written by Feso Adeniji