5 Things We Cant wait to see in 2017 weddings

Are you planning on taking your wedding to the next level of grand and fancy? We have seen the costumes, the jazz and uniformly dressed hostesses with umbrellas and masquerade masks. This article is definitely for you if you are looking for something new. Here are five things we can't wait to see in 2017 weddings:

  • Horse and Chariot

We have seen couples arrive in ‘Bond' style with a flashy white Rolls Royce or even a black drop top with the most alluring ‘engine purr' but what we are yet to witness in this part of the world is a grand entrance with the prettiest white horse and chariot. Thinking of bringing back the medieval times through your grand entrance? Try it out!

  • Exotic Scenery

Rather than buying every decoration for your outdoor wedding, why not allow birds to roam freely and add to the scenery? Peacocks are perfect for this provided there is a lot of space to move around at the reception location. Hopefully, your guests won't be scared!

  • Live Confetti

Instead of buying paper confetti and rose petals to drift in the air and make your wedding look magical, release birds in the air to fly around while you have your first dance for that special Disney effect.

  • Kid's Corner

If you choose to have a wedding that accommodates kids, this is a great idea. Get an arcade corner or a bouncy castle corner complete with face painting and the classic musical chairs game. With nannies on standby, there will be less urgency to leave the wedding early.

  • Circus Style Entertainment

It's always amazing to see side attractions during your wedding reception especially if you are trying to have an unconventional wedding. Opt for circus-style entertainment like fire breathers, aerial artists, and body tumblers to make your guest feel like they just walked out of the French circus!

Remember that weddings aren't cheap; entertainment and special effects of the highest quality come at a price. What price will you be willing to pay for your special day?

Photo Credit: the youngrens

Written by Feso Adeniji