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5 Things That Change After You Get Married

Marriage is a lifelong commitment, and it is a beautiful thing. Once you
have signed those dotted notes, get ready for a change. These changes are
for good, and you should be able to embrace some of them for a peaceful

Here are the things that change once you get married.

- You spending habits become transparent

It is very crucial because most of the conflict that occurs in marriages is
due to financial issues. Therefore, there is a need to inform your spouse
about your spending, be accountable to each other and stick to your budget.

- Compromise

At one stage or the other in your marriage, you will have to compromise.
You have to listen to what your spouse really wants and agree to it at a
point. The act of compromising shows you are not selfish and stubborn, and
you also care about your spouse.

- Sex

The frequency you engage in sex changes for good or for bad. However, it is
best to explore this opportunity in your marriage for good and enjoy every
bit of it. Introduce new ideas in your marriage as regards sex and enjoy

- Sense of security

There is this sense of security you feel when married. It is likely because
you have someone that will always be there for you whenever you need help,
and someone you can trust.

- Your weight

This may not apply to everyone, but a large percentage of ladies add weight
after getting married. Research from Ohio State University found that women
are more likely to pack on pounds after marriage, while men are likely to
gain weight after a divorce. Some experts suggest that the reason for this
change is that "joy and grief are strong emotions that can also lead to
increase or decrease in appetite," This explains the increase in weight.

Some of these changes may be welcome, others not so much, but it’s all part
of your life together. Enjoy every moment.

Photo source: @kelbpics

Written by Temitope Ikusika