5 Things to Avoid After a Fight with Your Husband

Verbal scuffles with le boo may be inevitable, but there are things you could do to raise the temperature of those fights. Here are five things to avoid after a fight with your husband:

Stay Away from Unnatural Makeup Intimacy
Getting intimate when you don’t feel like is bad enough because it feels forced but doing it just because you think it will solidify your truce may not be the way to go. Intimacy is supposed to be beautiful within the context of a healthy and loving relationship so make sure you get over your feelings first before curling under the covers. This will definitely keep resentment at bay when you finally re-consummate your marriage.

Don’t Walk Away from Conversation
Even if it has been a few days after a fight with your husband and he revisits the discussion, it’s probably best to have it so that any unanswered questions can be addressed immediately.Don’t just walk away from having a candid conversation.

Stay Away from Low Blows and Name Calling
It’s hard to recover from name-calling because this may cause more emotional stress than a fight, injure egos and prolong the healing time.

Avoid Giving the Cold Shoulder
Everyone’s healing time is different; be sure to let your husband know that you need some time alone to process your emotions instead of keeping conversation to a minimum and giving him the impression that you are punishing him. Not expressing your emotions immediately may cause him to be hesitant in sharing his at your next misunderstanding.

Don’t Revisit His Words
Did you really forgive and forget? What happens in a fight should stay there. It’s not wise to keep a repository of all the things he said when he was angry and hungry! The fight will become a never-ending circle of words.

Hopefully, you get to let the fire sizzle down after the fight because it’s time to live happily ever after!

Photo Credit: media.brides.com

Written by Feso Adeniji