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5 Reasons to Call Off a Wedding.

Having anticipated that big day you will say " I do", after many months of planning and resources gone into planning, who would ever think of calling off their wedding?
Here are five reasons to stop a wedding. These are not yardsticks to call off a wedding, but from our research, these are some of the factors that could lead to it.

1.    Health.
When both parties have the sickle cell trait or where both parties medical condition is detrimental to the other for example sexually transmitted diseases( HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis B/C ) calling off a wedding becomes inevitable.

2.    Trust and Infidelity.
If trust becomes a major issue and infidelity a partner in crime, it will take a lot to continue with the wedding.

3.    Love lost.
A happy home should be built on a solid foundation. The key element to having that strong foundation is LOVE. When there is no love exhibited through actions, words or more why hold on to a thin line of possible hate?

4.    Family.
Going into a marriage, it is a well-known fact that you have decided to accept your partner’s family as yours. In cases where the family of your partner have either disapproved or not accepted you, it would be a candid advice to avoid going on with it. Most people try to convince and live hoping that one day they will be accepted, but it is better safe than sorry especially if you have tried as much as you can.

5.    Social.
An old proverb says ‘tell me your friends and I will tell you who you are’ this never goes old. Who does your partner spend time with, what does he/she do with their spare time? You do not want to go into a marriage with negative friends and a bad social life. All these would affect your home in one way or the other. If things do not change with time, it's best to avoid a failed marriage.

Photo Credit: Wedding Industrial Complex

Written by Dr. Mute Akpomedaye