5 Explosive Topics That Create Tension Between Engaged Couples

We all know that when it’s almost time to walk down the aisle, a series of fights may just materialise out of touchy topics. Wedding planning and decision-making on future living plans are the first breeding grounds for tension and fights between couples. To pre-empt some of these tensions from being raised, its best to engage in regular heartfelt conversations where couples can build their levels of spiritual and emotional intimacy. Here are five explosive topics that could create tension between engaged couples:

The Guest List
This builds tension especially if there are a considerable number of guests invited from one side of the family as compared to the other side. It's best to agree on the number of guests and people so there are no surprises and you know who to expect at your wedding.

Past Loves
Speaking about exes so close to the wedding day will spark a cause for concern; it is expected that all of such bridges would be burned at this time.

Could it be that one person’s family is contributing more than the other or the balance of finances is leaning more towards a celebrity DJ instead of accommodating a more elaborate wedding dress? It's best to articulate all your wants and needs as a couple before you begin spending your wedding budget. Now is also a good time to meet at an equilibrium with your spending and saving habits.

The Wedding
It is easy to focus all your attention on the wedding that you forget to focus on the actual marriage and impending life together as a couple. The dynamics of the relationship changes when people start living together, so it’s important to always remember the bigger picture.

The Bachelor Party/Hen Night
Expectations of the bachelor and hen night should be spelt out clearly to strengthen your trust and avoid any possible temptations. This may mean no strippers or scantily clad people at your respective gatherings.

Do you find yourself bringing up tensions from these points or are you married already with experience on them? Feel free to share your experience with us today!

Photo Credit: 360nobs.com

Written by Feso Adeniji