5 Don'ts For Wedding Guest Behaviour

December is fast approaching and wedding season is upon us! Every couple getting married expects their guests to be of reasonably good behaviour. Unfortunately, not all guests are perfect. Here are five things that wedding guests should avoid this season:

Don’t bring extra guests
If you have clearly been invited to a wedding with a functional guest list and RSVP system, it may be rude to show up with your wedding crasher buddy. Even if you have to bring someone else along, it will be polite to ask before you do; the couple may have budgeted only for close family and friends.

Don’t crash the bride’s colour
Brides nowadays have no problem with their bridesmaids wearing different variations of white or even having an all-white wedding. If this is not the theme for the wedding, don’t be that guest that walked in during the couple’s first dance clad in a lacey ivory number. Just don’t do it!:

Don’t flirt unnecessarily
It's a small world in Lagos; if you aren't careful, you may just flirt with someone too close to home. The proper way to go about a romantic connection may be to do some background research on the person before approaching them immediately. When the coast is clear, make your move and shoot your shot!

Don’t gossip at the wedding
Just saw a hot guy from your steamy past walk in through the reception with the girl he cheated on with you? Turns out the douchebag is related to the groom who happens to be your brother's best friend. It's best to let some things go and choose not to act out to avoid negative perceptions of other people and unfolding drama.

Don’t make a big announcement
A wedding may not be the best place to announce your pregnancy or propose to your long-term girlfriend, even if she catches the bouquet. Save your announcement for a later date and let the couple enjoy their spotlight on their special day. It can be pretty annoying to the couple if they are compelled to balance awkward scenarios on their wedding day so try not to be that guy or girl that creates those awkward memories!

Photo source: dailymail.co.uk

Written by Feso Adeniji