5 Cute And Comfy Flats For Brides

It’s your wedding day, and it’s going to be a very long day. The first question you are asking yourself is “what shoes should I wear?” because heels are just not your thing, not even kitten heels. Do not despair; you can wow your family and friends in the comfort of cute bridal flats while being the same height as your husband or maintaining ‘sexy tomboy’ status! Here’s some great bridal shoe inspiration to guide you on picking the right flats for your big day:

Classic Ballerina 

These simple shoes by Vera Wang are the definition of cute and comfy. Embellishments always enhance the simplicity of flats.

Photo Credit: Vera Wang White

Metallic Flats

Not a fan of all white? Metallic shoes will do just fine with your white or off-white wedding dress. These flats stand out and match your bridal jewelry.

Photo Credit: Camuto

Foldable Flats

These super comfortable flats are convenient to carry in your clutch for a shoe change when you get tired of wearing heels.

Photo Credit: Nina Norway

Swarovski Embellished Flats

These flats are made with silver crystals, ivory pearl and ivory satin to match the off-white princess' look. To really show these shoes off, opt for a midi dress with a cinched waist and flared skirt.

Photo Credit: Embellished Flats

Wedding Trainers

Opt for a pair of your favorite white trainers and bling them out with pearls and rhinestones for a sexy tomboy look. Pair these trainers with the perfect ponytail, makeup and fitted reception dress (with a front slit).

Photo Credit: Sneakers

Even if you decide to wear heels, you can change into one of these cute flats (instead of slippers) during your reception or whenever you get tired. You should also make sure you can walk in flats, taking into consideration the tailored length of your wedding or reception dress. These flats will also pair well with bridal jumpsuits. Would you rock any of these? Good luck in making your selection!

Written by Feso Adeniji