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5 Common Wedding Pet Peeves And How To Avoid Them

There is no couple on earth who would not want their guests to have a blast at their wedding or to enjoy their special day.
Unfortunately, there are little things (pet peeves) that add up to irk you on your wedding day. Check out five common wedding pet peeves and how to avoid them:

1. Jokes about the wedding night
Making jokes about how the groom has waited so long for the wedding night to finally have his way with the bride should be avoided. It is actually none of the guests' business what the couple gets up to on their wedding night, and privacy should be respected. Just let your MC know this before agreeing to hire him.

2. Troublesome kids
Children of a certain age get excited to see their cousins and friends especially when they are all dressed up at a family wedding. When there is cake and ice-cream, expect kids to fly around the hall effortlessly. Consider having a kiddie's corner at the wedding to keep them entertained and safe in one place.

3. Forcing ladies out for the bouquet toss
So many ladies roll their eyes when it's time to catch the bouquet because this ritual is not really considered as fun as it used to be when you are 35 years old. Take your friends' feelings into consideration and scrap this out of your wedding. Alternatively, present a rose to all your closest girls at this time.

4. Waiting for the couple
Make sure your guests do not wait for a long time between the ceremony and reception. It's not ok to serve them food and keep them waiting forever especially if they have traveled a considerable distance to attend your wedding. Endeavor to choose a reception area that's in proximity to the wedding ceremony and try not to waste too much time taking pictures with your wedding train.

5. Having a bad DJ or live band
What's a wedding without enjoyable music? Endeavor to hire a DJ or live band with credibility and social proof because it will be awkward to have guests complaining about the music.

Weddings should be memorable for good reasons and not pet peeves. Always remember to plan ahead because almost all dicey situations can be mitigated.

Photo Credit: weddaily.com

Written by Feso Adeniji