5 Big Marriage Proposal Mistakes

It’s normal to get proposal jitters because you are hoping your loved one won’t say no. The tendency is to go overboard or not step up to the plate. People often make mistakes because they want to get the deed out of the way as soon as possible and hit their heart’s panic button. Here are five big marriage proposal mistakes that guys make and you shouldn’t:

Proposing Without A Ring
You may look like you aren’t serious without anything to support your sweet words. Feeling like you need help with picking the perfect ring? Take her ring shopping before you propose especially if your decision to get married to her is already known. This is a definite win-win situation.

Exposing Your Plan
Try not to tell so many people about your well-thought out plan to propose because the word may spread to the wrong ears. Proposals are meant to be sweet surprises and not an expected plan waiting to unfold.

Waiting For The Right Moment
There may be an urge to propose as fast as you can when you have the ring warming your pocket. Just take a breather and relax because it will be awkward proposing to your loved one when she’s a bit tipsy or there’s been a death in her family.

Overpublicized Proposal
Try not to zap all intimacy out of the proposal by doing it in a cinema, a mall or even an airport. If you are going to have an audience, limit the crowd to close family, friends and some co-workers.

Hiding The Ring In Consumables
Some people hide rings in food and drink, but this can be dangerous. Anything from cracking a tooth to choking on the ring can make this innocent-minded surprise go totally wrong. Why not ask the waiter to write the magic question on the bill and then bring the ring out to propose? You want a fiancée and not an emergency.

Remember, go over your plan and make your proposal intimate enough to savour the memories. Don’t wallow in your nerves and remain calm.

Congratulations in advance!

Written by Feso Adeniji