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4 Awesome Things About Singlehood

You love to have a beautiful love story and settle down with that special someone, but you are yet to find that one person that will make you feel like 'you're the only girl/boy in the world'.
You have been advised to lower your standard, and it seems the pressure from friends and families is getting to you gradually. Hear this, do not feel pressured to settle for something lesser than what you have desired. Yeah, there may be one or two adjustments here and there but do not settle for less. Meanwhile, while waiting for 'The One' take your time and enjoy your present single status.
Here are four awesome things about singlehood you should maximize to its fullest before it expires.

1. Enough time alone
One of the many benefits of being single is that you have enough time to yourself. You can enjoy late nights, decide to lazy around; you can also make good use of the time by adding more value to your life by going for extra academic qualification or learning a skill.

2. You have total control over your finances
Statistics has shown that financial issues are one of the reasons that lead to divorce. Being single gives you total freedom over your finances, This gives room for more savings and investments.

3. You have peace of mind
No cheating partner, no spying, no message check, no in-laws,..the list goes on and on. You have peace of mind because you don't have to worry about all these and more. You literally own your space. Moreso, Your emotional health is very important to your general well-being.

4. Gives room to focus
Being single gives you enough time to focus on your career and self-development. You will be able to achieve so many things because you won't have any distraction that comes with being in a relationship. All your concentration will be channeled towards succeeding.

Isn't it cool being single and free!!!

Photo Credit: flickr.com

Written by Temitope Ikusika