15 Bridal Bouquets We Love!

We have a floral feast for you today. Like everything else on your wedding day, your bouquet has to reflect your tastes and complement your look. Whether you want a classic bouquet, a trendy or an unconventional one, feed your eyes here. We love that you can tailor your bouquet to your budget; real flowers for their scent, feel and you know... realness; or the more pocket-friendly faux ones, which are also low maintenance and long-lasting.

1. Purple is a gorgeous wedding colour, and this bouquet of purple carnations, white roses and white calla lilies is the business.

Pic Source: Pinterest / Belle the Magazine

2. We love all-white bouquets, and have you seen anything more heartbreakingly pure than this bouquet of pristine white calla lilies? It is right up there with a baby’s tears and newborn kittens.

Pic Source: Pinterest / UK Wedding BLog

3. Add green to white and it becomes the freshest thing you have ever seen. This white ranunculus and eucalyptus bouquet will be amazing for an outdoor wedding.

Pic Source: Theknot.com

4. Roses, peonies and ranunculuses; all in ballet slipper pinks and whites. Sigh.

Pic Source: Pinterest / Garden, Home & Party

5. Roses are red and they’ve stolen our hearts. There is nothing more classic, or poetic, than a bouquet of pure red roses.

Pic Source: theknot.com

6. Speaking of red roses, the black baccarat or black magic rose is a deep, dark red and makes for a dramatically gorgeous bouquet by itself. However, it is hauntingly beautiful here combined with deep purple calla lilies, white freesias and loop variegated lily grass.

Pic Source: theweddingspecialists.net

7. Peonies! Just as beautiful as roses and less expensive too. They are amazing in almost every bouquet, but we are awed at this one of pink peonies and lavender.

Pic Source: deerpearlflowers.com

8. The hyacinths in this beautiful bouquet can be your “something blue”. Featuring white roses, anemones, blueberries and hyacinths.

Pic Source: theknot.com

9. Isn’t the sunflower the happiest flower there is? It is not typical but just look. With its collar of baby’s breath, this is one cheery bouquet.

Pic Source: lukeandcatsblog.com

10. Cascading bouquets are so in, and this one is tugging hard on our heartstrings. White orchids can make a grown woman cry.

Pic Source: modwedding.com

11. The colour scheme of this pastel bouquet is too beautiful. Dahlias, amnesia roses, ivory roses, brunia and dusty miller; working together so seamlessly.

Pic Source: Pinterest / Colin Cowie Weddings

12. More colour, more dahlias, roses, peonies and greenery. A beautiful way to do a colourful bouquet.

Pic Source: modwedding.com

13. White tulips and red roses. This is what will show up if you open your dictionary to ‘Perfection”.

Pic Source: Buzzle.com

14. We adore daisies. Look at this gorgeous bouquet of daisies and roses.

Pic Source: thewdetails.com

15. For the very unconventional bride - who says you have to carry flowers? Butterflies are beautiful. These are not real of course. No butterflies were harmed in the making of this bouquet...

Pic Source: buzfeed.com

Bonus bouquet: a tasty alternative to flowers. This is so pretty, and won’t go to waste either. We have a question though; will the single ladies have to wear helmets for the bouquet toss?

Pic Source: weddingchicks.com
Written by Sandra N.U.