13 Of The Most Unique Wedding Themes We Have Seen

A wedding theme showcases what you really like in your invitations, decor, attire, cake and dress code. It makes everything cohesive. In these parts, we are no strangers to wedding themes; usually centred on colours only. But hey, African Wedding is a theme by itself right?

There are so many other theme options though; from a location, to a time period, to pop culture, to one of the four seasons. The key is restraint; you want it tasteful, not cringe-worthy years down the line.

1. Winter Wonderland

Definitely unique in Africa. For one, snow isn’t threatening to fall anytime soon. Still, it’s beautiful and can be done indoors with AC on blast, pure white drapery, all-white flowers, crystals hanging from the floral arrangements and faux snow.

2. Fairytale

Because you’re a princess and he is prince Charming don’t they know? The setting is romantic and magical; think Cinderella wedding dress, fairy lights, horse-drawn carriage and other dreamy stuff.

3. Greenery

For an earth child in love with the beauty and life that vegetation represents, you can go beyond just having green as a wedding colour. Incorporate greenery in your day. It’s just so fresh and hopeful.

4. Garden

Outdoors, watering cans turned into vases, garden signs here and there; flowers bursting forth all around, even in a crown around your head. So pretty

5. Starry Night

Ever experienced a breathtaking starry night? Your wedding can be just as unforgettable with a theme like that, especially if you’re lucky enough to convince your families about a night wedding.

6. Beach

A beach wedding has such a fun, laid-back feel. Add sea life to the tables and centrepieces – seashells, starfish etc. you can even add sailor-inspired accents.

7. Medieval

Anything contemporary or modern must be banished at all costs! Replace electric lighting with lots of candlelight and ancient-looking lamps (even if they’re battery operated). The groom should dress like a medieval king, and since we’re all about Game of Thrones, the best man can wear a ‘Hand of the King’ pin. We’re excited already!

8. Butterflies

Few creatures are as beautiful. You can add them to your veil, centrepieces and drinking straws, even your cake. The butterfly cake in this picture is one of the most elegant we’ve seen.

9. Feathers

They can be used everywhere flowers can: in your veil, bouquet, groom’s boutonniere; large ostrich feather centrepieces. So chic!

10. Vintage

Reference a time you love. One of our favourites is the Great Gatsby glamour of the 20’s: pearls, lace, tassels, metallics and feathers. In fact the centrepieces in the theme above will be right at home here.

11. Travel

Perhaps you and Bae are always in the grips of wanderlust. Plus, you are journeying from single to married, and marriage itself will be a journey.

12. Super Hero

This can quickly go left unless you’re careful, especially with the vibrant colours most superheroes wear. This Batman theme, however, is very tastefully done.

13. Black and white

Yeah we’re back to colour themes; bet you’ve never seen black and white done like this.

14. Autumn

Burnt orange and red hues, deep flowers, soft lights. sigh...

Written by Sandra N.U.