10 Ways To Spice Up Your Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationship can be very challenging for the two lovers involved. Trust me, it can be quite difficult to maintain a long distance relationship because it is the toughest kind of relationship to maintain. On the other hand, it has some of it good benefits and one of them is; it reveals the value of the relationship and the value of each other. However, because of the challenging nature of this kind of relationship there is a great need to spice it up. Therefore I have here 10 ways to spice up your long distance relationship.

Always communicate

In a long distance relationship, there is always a need for effective communication because it is the major thing needed. Explore different medium you can use to communicate, make use of different social media platform to communicate, tag each other on posts you can relate to.

Set up long distance dates

Set time for date at your different location for example: watch the same movie at the same time and text about the comment to each other, read the same book and discuss about it. This kind of activity strengthens your relationship and it is a great way to seem like you're more connected than before.

Send a surprise gift

Everybody loves surprise, so send a surprise gift to your partner. Depending on your pocket, it may not be something so expensive but it will mean a lot to the person and at the end draw you both closer.

Send random text messages and letters

Send messages that shows that you still think about him or her and also the distance has nothing to do about what you truly feel about him or her. This will go a long way in helping your relationship get better. 

Make surprise visits

Surprise your lover through a surprise visit, nothing can beat seeing each other after a long while. However, have a good plan before embarking on a surprise visit in order not to be disappointed. Also this should only be done in a serious relationship in order not to end up in the hospital after discovering some not too cool things. In addition, during the visit try to go to places together, see a movie because this will serve as a memory when you are both apart.

Create a countdown

Get a countdown app to help as a reminder to an upcoming event both of you are looking forward to. This will help you recover quickly from feeling lonely or when you are overwhelmed by the distance, check the countdown for a motivating reminder that it is only a matter of days.

Play games online

There are so many games one can get to play online. So look for one, tell your partner and go ahead to play the game together. This will help both of you forget the distance and loneliness.

Pick a day for a throwback picture

Pick a day of the week to send pictures, it does not have to be thursdays only. Send each other old pictures that will bring back good memories. It will spice up your love for each other.

Learn to trust each other

Trust is the major factor that keep things alive in a long distance relationship. Trust and communication works hand in hand, when you communicate often by telling each other about how your day went and when angry let your partner know. All these help to build trust in a relationship. This will help prevent fight and argument.

 Don’t give up without trying to work things out

Long distance relationship can be difficult to keep and maintain but don’t try to give up on it without trying to spice things up. Don’t allow the challenges in a long distance relationship to come in between your happiness. Try to spice it up and you won’t regret it.



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Written by Temitope Ikusika