10 Unique Event Invitations We Love

The excitement for an event starts to build from the first taste your guests get, and that often happens with the invitations. The invitation design you choose has to give a pretty clear feel of what's to come when your event doors are thrown open. These days, plain old invitations just won't do. We have rounded up ten of the unique, innovative and disarmingly stylish event invitations we’ve totally love.

1.    The Key

Nothing says “Strictly by Invitation” louder than an actual golden key to your exclusive event. You don't get a key; you don't get in, that simple. Peep this engraved beauty for inspiration.

Photo Credit: blog.unifiedmanufacturing.com

2.  Pop-up Cards

Because regular paper cards are so 2000-late, how about a picture that pops up when the card is opened. This was designed by a photographer who wanted to make her own wedding invitation quite different. It's a pretty surprise.

Photo Credit: stylemepretty.com

3.    The Balloon Invitation

You're about to spend all this money to entertain and feed your guests so isn't it only fair they do some work to earn it? Ok we kid, it'll be fun to get your guests to blow up a balloon for the event details. Haha. It's genius. Your friends will have your head for this one.

Photo Credit: thetotobox.com

4.    Ultra modern

We love how simple and laid-back this is. It is extremely cool and doesn't take itself too seriously which says a lot about the personality of the couple that chose this design for their wedding. Especially if you just want a fun wedding with the best people you actually care about, this will be a hit.
Also, we smell a trend: having pictures in your invitation is about to become huge.

Photo Credit: kreative-hochzeitskarten.com

5.    The Petal Box

HOW creative! This delicate design was inspired by Thumbelina, so it oozes fairy tale. The box opens, and the petal layers gently peel back to reveal the details of the event. Gorgeous.

Phot Credit: wedluxe.com

6.    Acrylic

Whoever invented this has just blown our minds. The effect is: your guest opens a gorgeous box to find an invitation announced on a glass. Glass, everyone. This is the epitome of taste and class.
P.s. Another trend we are here for: boxed invitations.

Photo Credit: LIgevents.com

7.    Watercolour

A very artistic take on the card invitation. Watercolours are beautiful, and they come in a wide variety. This one uses gold lettering against a full forest green background; way more interest than a basic white.

Photo Credit: Blissandbone.com

8.    The Case

This is another one that looks very expensive just in the design. It comes in a case like pricey Swiss chocolate, and inside is a gold ticket to the event. Perfect for a corporate event.

Photo Credit: Behance.com

9.    Puzzle

This is usually picked for weddings and engagements parties because it alludes to having found your missing piece. Corny maybe, but so cute. Just like the balloon one, your guests get busy and have a little fun getting all the deets to your big day.

Photo Credit: invitationstyles.co.uk

10.    Carved on Wood

A little rustic and a lot creative, carving your invitation on a faux wood slab is very unique. The boxed invitations are taking over.

Photo Credit: www.brit_.com

We hope you love these as much as we do. We look forward to seeing how you use these ideas for your events. Don't forget to tag us.

Written by Sandra N.U.