10 Things You Should Expect Once You Get Engaged.

Every lady looks forward to when their prince charming will pop the "big" question. Little wonder why we get a lot of drama at proposals. A critical phase a recently engaged couple would experience is the answering questions and sieving opinions period. As such you should prepare for some kind and not so pleasant reality after you got the ring on your finger.

Here are some things you should expect after your proposal

1.    Your surprise proposal shiver could go longer than you think. You just may not be able to soak it all in all at once. So it's okay to still be in the OMG! Mood for a while.

2.    The not so pleasant but cute may be the ring not being your perfect size. This may be because your prince charming was bent on surprising you so badly and getting your ring size was becoming an obstruction. So he made a quick guess :)

3.    As soon as you put up your engagement proposal on your social media platforms, different people you have never met before will flood your timeline and send congratulatory messages.

4.    "When is the wedding?”. This is properly the most asked question any engaged person has to answer. Get ready for it.

5.    Saying the word "fiancé" may feel strange for some days till you get accustomed to it.

6.    People will ask specific questions about your wedding which you will have little or no answer. Simply relax and try not to get overwhelmed by it. Things unfold daily just keep yourself abreast.

7.    PEOPLE will always give their opinion and suggestion about EVERYTHING about YOUR forthcoming wedding.

8.    Subconsciously, after your engagement, you would almost turn into a spy at every wedding ceremony: noting things and observing every detail to get ideas for your wedding.

9.    Almost everyone will want to take a good look at your ring to admire or appreciate the beauty. Flaunt it, girl!

10.    You definitely should get ready to be a storyteller because you would have situations where you have to tell your proposal story over and over again. Enjoy the moment.
So ladies get ready for all of these and more, once your prince charming pops the question.

Congratulations in advance ;)

Photo Credit: Mynaijaproposal-instagram

Written by Temitope Ikusika