10 Signs You're Ready to Get Engaged

It's not just about losing your breath every time you see another woman rocking a gorgeous engagement ring. If you're really ready to take your relationship to the next step, you'll experience a host of other emotions and signs. Here are 10.

1. You can hardly remember your ex's name.

You're so secure in your current relationship former flames have long died out.

2. You share everything.

That means your embarrassing financial fumbles and the last bite of buffalo chicken dip.

3. Your family likes him.

In fact, sometimes you wonder if like him more than they like you!

4. Your single friends' stories don't inspire jealousy.

Why would you want to date around when you already have the man of your dreams?

5. Ring photos have overtaken your Pinterest account.

It used to be all cute cat memes and recipes. Now it's diamonds all day, every day.

6. You read bridal blogs — including this one! — more often than you read through Facebook.

When he does pop the question, you'll be ready to wedding plan like a pro.

7. You refer to Vera Wang as "Vera." Because you know so much about the wedding dress designer it's as if you're BFFs.

8. Despite the fact your skin is still white as snow, you're convinced ivory is your most flattering color.

You're ready to wear that dress!

9. Sometimes you look down at your left hand ring finger and freak out because something is missing.

Your hand won't feel normal until it's weighed down by a gorgeous rock.

10. You can't picture your life, your future, with anyone but him.

Because once you figure out who you want to spend forever with, as Harry Burns famously said, you want forever to begin right now.

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Written by yewande