10 Signs That Show Your Home Needs Spring Cleaning

  If it has been a while since you gave your home a thorough cleaning, this one is for you. Assuming that there are no overt signs like rodents holding court on your rug, let us help you out with the more subtle signs that your house needs a good scrub-down.


Dust in hard-to-reach places is a clear sign that you need to go beyond the surface with your cleaning. Look at your light covers, on the top surface of ceiling fans, higher areas of your wardrobes and bookshelves. Cobwebs are their best friend.

Film layer on kitchen counter

You wipe down your kitchen work surface everyday but you looked closely and there is a thin film of something stubborn. You need a solvent to cut through that layer so go get yourself a bottle of kitchen cleaner and roll up your sleeves.

Worsening allergies

Sneezing, watery eyes... and you never used to have allergies! Your carpets might be harbouring dust mites, other critters and their eggs. Eww. Have a professional take care of these, especially the backless rugs.

Grimy windows

If your blinds are no longer necessary to keep out excess light and curious eyes, your windows need a thorough cleaning. A crystal clear glass is the goal. Use warm water and dishwashing liquid and grab a brush for some scrubbing. Look on the bright side, and we don’t just mean your superbly bright new windows; you get a great arm workout too.


You might need professional help with this one. These furry little things can cause real health problems. If you find a powdery or slimy substance on surfaces that are exposed to moisture, you probably have mold on your hands.

Dull hardware

Metal fixtures like door handles tarnish over time and take on a dull appearance.  Metal polish and polish-impregnated cloths will have you flashing your pearly whites at your door handles.

Stagnant water

Ugh. Mosquito breeding grounds and an eyesore. Clear out those puddles that rain and human activity have left behind. Drain them, fill them with sand, whatever.

Sludgy gutters

There is nothing more to say here. That thick mess in the gutters outside just have to go.

Funky smells

Ok, you can’t smell them because you live here, but if your straight-talking friend asked you what that smell was, you need to find out what is lurking in those corners and sanitize them.

Dull floors

You can wax non-wood floors to give them back their shine. Linoleum floors have a designated polish, as do stone and tile floors.

Spring cleaning is a lot of work, but it is so satisfying afterwards when everything looks, feels and smells intensely crisp and clean.


Written by Sandra N.U.