10 Common Traits of Happy Couples

A happy couple is not a perfect one, which means that a happy relationship is achievable by everyone and not just the domain of that seemingly perfect couple on the gram. It takes a lot more than the initial spark to build a successful relationship; it takes an effort to create something truly special. 
Major Key Alert; these ten traits have been identified as qualities that most happy couples share.
Individual happiness: 
The first mistake most people make is expecting their relationship to create their joy and satisfaction. Now that's a heavy burden to place on another person, and you will both be disappointed. Truly happy couples understand that their relationships reflect the joy they each have within. It starts with you. By loving, accepting and taking care of yourself, you become capable of a healthy relationship with someone else.
Accepting Each Other: 
You simply cannot ‘fix' another person. You either accept them for who they are or let them go. It is unfair to try and change them especially when they didn't ask! Respect their individuality and appreciate them for who they are.
Forgiveness and Trust: 
We mentioned people are imperfect right? So there are bound to be mistakes. Happy couples address conflicts head-on and move on quickly.  Why focus on the bad? Remember what they do right, keep the trust alive and be happy.
Common Interests: 
It is important to find things that you both enjoy doing together. Shared interests mean more quality time and bonding.
A Sense of Humour: 
Happy couples don't take themselves too seriously. If you can laugh at your OCD, their messiness, your snoring, their stubborn refusal to share food, etc., that takes the heat off, and you can communicate without becoming enemies.
It means feeling mutual feelings of love and a sense of belonging. Intimacy in everything, not just sexual, is a defining factor- a relationship feels empty without it. Build intimacy with openness, honesty, and sharing (even if it's just the last bit of chocolate in the fridge). 
Compromise on joint matters: 
A healthy relationship has no room for selfishness. If you are both looking out for each other's happiness, negotiation and compromise will leave everyone smiling.
The Golden Rule: 
Do unto others as you'd want them to do to you. Give what you want to get. Be there for them, show compassion and understanding. You will find it reflected back to you.
No Games: 
Cheating, lying and omitting the truth will kill your relationship faster than you can say "I'm sorry" ten times. It may not be immediate, but the cracks will eventually result in a crumbling heap. 
Quality Time: 
Never be too busy for your sweetheart. Make out quality time at least once a week to talk, go on a date and genuinely bond by listening to each other.
Keep putting in the work; the results are so worth it.
Written by Sandra N.U.