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Marry Me. Always

I stumbled upon these rings by Yoon Jungyun from South Korea that have inner letters which leave an imprint on your finger (you know how rings you've worn for a long time leave a mark on your finger? Same effect, only this time your finger is marked with a message). The engagement ring says "Marry Me" on the inside, while the wedding band says "Always". How creative is that?

Wedding Diaries: Meet the 'Fockers'

So Demola met my mum…its time to meet the Fockers…uhm hmm, I'm doing the movie titles again, lol. This is sort a contrast though or is it an oxymoron, because my meeting Demola’s Mum was nothing like ‘Meeting the Fockers’…absolutely nothing like it.

Editor's Blog: Who made this cake?

We spotted this beauty at Bosoye and Idowu's white wedding, hats off to the baker, he or she definitely went all out! It certainly is an exciting alternative to the others we've seen more recently.

Bosoye and Idowu

The Tejuosho and Ogunkanmi families celebrated the delightful union of Bosoye and Idowu in Abeokuta recently. Their red/blue and green/yellow colour selections for the white and traditional wedding respectively set a vibrant mood at the occassion.

What Men Want, Really!

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus…even though I haven't read this John Gray's New York Times bestseller, I have seen Mel Gibson's movie "What Women Want". A healthy relationship takes two to tango and if we men can sit through a hundred and thirty minutes of a female-sensitivity proficiency test, women too could do with a few tips on meeting our needs. Here is our manifesto on figuring us out.

Aso-ebi Face-off: Red Haute and Blue

These gorgeous ladies were recently photographed at an engagement ceremony. Who do you think wore it best?

Oge and Emeka

The Ezenwa and Uduji families came together in the celebration of love between their daughter and son, Oge and Emeka. The marriage was solemnized at Arch Bishop Vinning Cathedral, GRA Ikeja while the reception took place at Etal Hotel and Halls, Oregun, Ikeja.

Like A Virgin

Lets face it, with the exception of Angelina Jolie and perhaps Brad Pitt, nobody is perfect. Despite this salient truth we get so picky when choosing our future partners - 'Oh, she's too fat', 'Neh, he's too short', Argh! she's too hairy', 'God-no! he's got man-boobs'…You may not have said any of these statements but I bet you were thinking of something similar or even worse - shame on us. Now you've got to be asking for a lot if you expect every person you date to be wearing a chastity belt (I seriously hope this is still not being practised in some lost civilization).

Aso-ebi faceoff: Pretty in Pink

Who do you think wore this pretty pink print best?

Editor's Blog: What did you do with your wedding dress?

A peek into a recent bride's closet will most likely yield a lonely wedding dress hanging in some sort of protective covering. Considering all the excitement that goes into dress shopping it's amazing how quickly 'the dress' is forgotten for whatever reason. While most women hold on for sentimental reasons, keep in mind that your dress can give the same joy and excitement it brought you, to another woman. Still not sure what to do? Here are some ideas...

Afy and Ineye

The Okwechime and Mieseigha families recently celebrated the union of their children, Afy and Ineye. Their traditonal marriage took place at the brides' family home in Omole Estate while their fun filled white wedding took place at the Events Centre.

Sugar! Pick of the Day: Elise Charles

Their customized services range from luxurious packaging and unique gifts for all of life's memorable events to decorative supplies to bring your vision to life.

For more visit www.elisecharles.com

Wedding Diaries: Our First Huge Fight

We are not one of those fairy tale happily ever after couples cuz we had our first fight the other day…I was so upset, I felt like kicking Demola in the head…lol, I would really like to see that happen, I usually run when I see a lizard, lol.

Vintage Charm

Dreaming of gloves, antique brooches, pearls and, glass chandeliers?

Sugar! Pick of the Day: Ijorere The Invitation

Ijorere's couture invitations are a modern mix of cultural wedding colours and exotic fabrics. After all, your day is a once in a lifetime event. Shouldn't it be IJORERE, a day that is grand?

For more visit www.ijorere.com


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