Why won't they be happy for me?

Dear Mr. Sugar, I'm happily engaged to be married in a few months, but my friends and family aren't happy with my choice to get married so soon, the feel that we barely know each other and can't possibly be ready to get married. We've dated for about 4 months, and we're both a 100% sure we want to be married to each other so what's the problem?

Are you the other woman?

In light of the recent scandals…I wanted to repost this with a few extras. Please, I beg you if you know someone caught up in this, please forward. The saddest thing about all these women coming forward to kiss(lie) and tell, is their complete lack of understanding of what they are doing to themselves and how they are trying to glamorize their poor choices…So I dey ask?

Joke & Bolaji Giwa

The Agoro and Giwa families recently celebrated the union of their children, Joke and Bolaji. Their joyous occasion enjoyed by many took place at The Hall at Yetunde's Apartment, Parkview, Ikoyi.

Vendor Spotlight: Posh Potties

The Nigerian wedding industry is on fire! just when you think you know it all, something or someone new pops up. Right now the spotlight is on Posh Potties, they provide "uber" luxury mobile toilets for outdoor use.

Bridal Fashion Q&A with Akpos Okudu

We love Akpos Okudu's fresh take on bridal fashion, her use of patterned fabrics, 'mix and match' and bold flirty colours are just a few of the reasons. Our recent Q&A session with her tells a lot more.

Are Marriage Proposals Dead?

I read this on cnn.com today...Is there a point in an official proposal when you've both 'seriously' discussed getting married to each other?

60+ Wedding Cake Photos!

We've updated our galleries! Check out these 60+ photos for scrumptious wedding cake inspiration.

Elise Charles: Wedding Souvenirs & Gifts to Die For

We love love love, the new collection of souvenirs recently added to our galleries.

Contact Elise Charles for additional photos, pricing and ordering information.

I hate my engagement ring!

Hi Mr. Sugar, my fiancé proposed recently, and I absolutely hate the ring. I know it sounds superficial, but if this is a ring I am supposed to be wearing for the rest of my life, shouldn't I at the very least LIKE the ring?

Tola and Dayo Ogundele

Tola and Dayo got married recently in London, they met through a mutual friend and their beautiful romance lasted two years before Dayo popped the question with a gorgeous platinum diamond ring.

Aso-ebi Face-off: Petal Pink

These gorgeous ladies were spotted recently at a wedding. Which of them rocked it better?

Discover Zanzibar Tanzania

Zanzibar, an archipelago, is characterised by unspoilt beaches, exotic coral reefs, turquoise waters and, idyllic islands making it an excellent setting for, a laid back romantic vacation or if either of you choose, exhilarating water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving and, deep sea fishing.

Wedding Diaries: The First Introduction

Every family has its own rituals when it comes to weddings in Nigeria, even though a great part of it is motivated by tradition and culture. This also applies to tribes- with each tribe it’s a different ceremony or ritual. Though, the common language is love and unity-the coming together of two families…Amazing right!

Who Keeps the Ring?

Not sure who gets to keep the engagement ring in the unfortunate event of a cancelled wedding? These 3 short rules have all the answers

Wonu and Funso Alo

Wonu and Funso affirmed their love for each other recently at Arch Bishop Vining, Ikeja, followed by their swanky outdoor wedding reception held at the Events Centre, Ikeja, Lagos. The duo met in university and dated for nine (9) years before taking the plunge.