Wonu and Funso Alo

Wonu and Funso affirmed their love for each other recently at Arch Bishop Vining, Ikeja, followed by their swanky outdoor wedding reception held at the Events Centre, Ikeja, Lagos. The duo met in university and dated for nine (9) years before taking the plunge.

Signature Sips: Your Wedding Cocktail Selection Guide

Signature cocktails are a great way to score some stylish points at your Nigerian wedding reception without breaking the bank. With so many cocktail options, selecting the right one can be overwhelming, so fret not, Sugar! Weddings' got you covered.

"Buzz" Factor
Much as you may want your guests to 'buzzed', It's probably not a great idea if they miss out on all the fun. You don't want them tucked away in the toilet, throwing up your precious wedding culinary selections. Be sure to have both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options.

Vendor Spotlight: FacebyMaori

UD is an accomplished make up artist, skilled in all areas of makeup from film and theatre to fashion and beauty. She offers a wide variety of professional makeup services including, bridal, fashion shows and photo shoots, as well as one-on-one makeup consultations.

Aso-ebi Face-off: Perfect Peach

Which one of these pretty ladies rocked it best in this Nigerian wedding fashion face-off?

Wedding Diaries: We Got a Crib!

So everything concerning the wedding is starting to fall in place…oh yeah we have new dates again but I think this is it, how do I know…well lets just say I feel it in my spirit.

Lamide and Wale Shonekan

Lamide and Wale celebrated their traditional and white weddings recently at LTV and K&G Events Centre, Ikeja. Their gorgeous occasion was planned by Zapphaire Events and gleamed with vibrant shades of red, yellow, silver and gold.

The Best Kept Planning Secret

I read a lot of articles that start with ‘It’s wedding season again!’ and it makes me wonder what time of the year the writer is referring to. I actually think that as much as we try to promote equality of status in Nigeria, or in the world at large, we subconsciously think of wedding season as the time around the more extravagant weddings that we’ve read about in Ovation or on Sugar! Weddings. The longer the ‘celebration week’ and the bigger the pageantry of the ceremonies we observe, the more sense it makes to call it wedding season. True or False?

Yanju and Jimi

Yanju and Jimi celebrated their nuptials last weekend at the Muson Centre, Onikan, Lagos. Their sultry colours, hues of bronze and green set just the right tone at their reception. Their beautiful wedding was planned by Just Weddings. View their wedding album for more.

Ace of Shades

Sunshades and I have a relationship in the style of a one-night stand. All plans to accommodate one have been perished as I am promised to a pair of Grita-framed lenses, by prescription. However, I do have a five-stud card trick to ace that wade in the shades.

Marry Me. Always

I stumbled upon these rings by Yoon Jungyun from South Korea that have inner letters which leave an imprint on your finger (you know how rings you've worn for a long time leave a mark on your finger? Same effect, only this time your finger is marked with a message). The engagement ring says "Marry Me" on the inside, while the wedding band says "Always". How creative is that?

Wedding Diaries: Meet the 'Fockers'

So Demola met my mum…its time to meet the Fockers…uhm hmm, I'm doing the movie titles again, lol. This is sort a contrast though or is it an oxymoron, because my meeting Demola’s Mum was nothing like ‘Meeting the Fockers’…absolutely nothing like it.

Editor's Blog: Who made this cake?

We spotted this beauty at Bosoye and Idowu's white wedding, hats off to the baker, he or she definitely went all out! It certainly is an exciting alternative to the others we've seen more recently.

Bosoye and Idowu

The Tejuosho and Ogunkanmi families celebrated the delightful union of Bosoye and Idowu in Abeokuta recently. Their red/blue and green/yellow colour selections for the white and traditional wedding respectively set a vibrant mood at the occassion.

What Men Want, Really!

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus…even though I haven't read this John Gray's New York Times bestseller, I have seen Mel Gibson's movie "What Women Want". A healthy relationship takes two to tango and if we men can sit through a hundred and thirty minutes of a female-sensitivity proficiency test, women too could do with a few tips on meeting our needs. Here is our manifesto on figuring us out.

Aso-ebi Face-off: Red Haute and Blue

These gorgeous ladies were recently photographed at an engagement ceremony. Who do you think wore it best?