Sugar Weddings & Parties Presents #SugarStyle - Edition 22

Happy Thursday!

10 Popular Wedding Trends That Are Here To Stay

Every girl dreams of a sun fun filled big day with their friends and family making a big deal of every details, from the gown, to bridesmaid cute dresses, venue, music color choice,

5 Awesome Ways To Celebrate Your Spouse’s Birthday

 So you have been doing a massive countdown to your partner’s birthday.

Photos From Bukki & Tomiwa's White Wedding

We are pleased to share with you Bukki and Tomiwa's lovely white wedding pictures.

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Makeup by @beautyandthebeholdermakeovers

10 Ways To Spice Up Your Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationship can be very challenging for the two lovers involved.

Photos From Ada & Her Prince Charming's Pre Wedding Shoot

 We are pleased to share ada and her boo's pre wedding pictures.

Photography : @awgzzz

How To Create The Perfect Guest List

Congratulations! You have the ring and now your mother intends to invite the whole congregation to your wedding.

5 Easy To Prepare Weight-Loss Smoothies

It’s the final quarter of 2016 and you are contemplating a 360 degree turn around in your “non-active” lifestyle because you have been influenced by the Instagram fitfam.

7 Ways To Treat Your Man Like A King, No 5 Is A Must Read.

After the wedding is all over, it’s time to make your man feel like he couldn’t have chosen anyone better.

6 Home Remedies For Sunburn

Despite the medical warning about exposure of the skin to the sun, many of us still expose our skin to the sun.

Photos From Keith & Lola's Traditional Wedding

We are pleased to share with you picture from their wedding.

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Photo :@ts.imagery_events

Mua :@lily.glam

Why Working Out As A Couple Is Good For Your Marriage

In marriage, it is best couple do things together to yield better result. An example of such things include working out together. Yes! It is a good idea because of the benefits attached to it.

Photos From Tosin & Novos' Pre Wedding Shoot

We are pleased to share pictures from this lovely couple's pre wedding shoot.