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SQUAD GOALS: Picking Your ‘BEST GIRLS’ For Your Bridal Train

Choosing your bridesmaids is one of the first decisions about your wedding that you make, sometimes before you even know who you’re going to marry! Your bridesmaids are your support system, your front line, your squad and your hype men. Being a bridesmaid is exactly like having a job- responsibilities, sacrifices and expenses- with no reimbursement except your happiness and gratitude.

Smart Ways To Spend Less For Your Big day

In Nigeria, a wedding ceremony is a big deal and as such lots of money are spent to make the day beautiful and memorable. Some individuals even go the extent of going into debt to ensure they have a glamorous occasion.

On the other hand, there are some set of people that cannot afford to spend lavishly on a wedding due to various reasons best known to them. Hence, these sets of individuals are in search of ways to save cost for their wedding. If you fall into the category, below are smart ways to save cost for your big day.

8 Unusual Wedding Favour Ideas

Are you tired of seeing towels and plastic hand fans given out at weddings? The change begins with you!

Home-Made Remedies For Dandruff

andruff is the shedding of dead cells from the scalp. It is a condition of the scalp that causes flakes of skin to appear; it often causes itching.
Dandruff is a common scalp disorder which affects almost half of the population at the post-pubertal age and of any sex and race.
This condition can be embarrassing and hard to treat, but there are home remedies that can adequately treat this condition below.

-    Yoghurt

7 Ways To Save Money On Food And Drink At Your Wedding

A fancy menu is always desired at a top-notch wedding ceremony full of Lagos’ finest entrepreneurs, big families and even celebrities. However, if you do not wish to ball out on the food and drinks being served on your special day, here are seven suggestions for saving money:

Signature Cocktail
Think about your favourite cocktail or visualise one and bring it to life on your special day. Champagne cocktails with a piece of juicy fruit never get old!

Heavy Appetizers

Tips For Selecting The Right Reception Dress

Over the past few years, brides wear one or two reception dress for their big day. This is because the wedding dress is always too formal and could be quite uncomfortable for the reception boogie down!
Wedding designers have made many options from which brides can select from. If you choose it carefully, you may be able to wear the dress for other occasions after your big day.

However, when choosing one, keep the following tips in mind.

1.    Don’t be afraid to try different colours

7 Fun Bridesmaid Games and Activities

It’s time to find some new ways to have fun and surprise your friends that are due to walk down the aisle! These seven bridesmaid games and activities will show you that bridal showers do not always have to be about finger food and cocktails:

Burlesque Dancing
Plan a surprise with all the bridesmaids and take the bride -to-be to a sexy burlesque class. Get your dancing heels on and keep an open mind to get your acrobatic prowess on with some chairs, dancing heels and a clean floor to express your inner “Sasha Fierce” on!

10 Unique Event Invitations We Love

The excitement for an event starts to build from the first taste your guests get, and that often happens with the invitations.

Signs Of An Imminent Breakup In A Relationship

Not every relationship leads to marriage, and not all relationship lasts for long. As such, there are some signs that you should look out for to prevent a "story that touches the heart".
Here are signs you should look out for.

1.    Little or no communication
Human relations is sustained through effective communication and as such a relationship cannot survive without communication.

Top 10 Beauty Tips For Future Brides

Are you on a journey of discovering how to get wedding ready or simply just desire a lifestyle change before you walk down the aisle? Try these top ten beauty tips for future brides to experience bridal glam:

Hair Treatments
It’s time to give your hair the facelift you’ve always desired by opting for special treatments for softening and giving your hair that shine its missing. Go to a well-trusted salon for your protein treatments, to install your hair extensions, cut off those split ends or even a blowout.


Ways To Keep Your Natural Nails Beautiful And Healthy

Every lady loves to have beautiful nails, but the reality is that we end up with not so beautiful nails due to some bad habits we find hard to let go. Also, because our nails are exposed it makes it easy for bacteria to feed on and it makes sour nails look unattractive.
How can one then have a beautiful and also healthy nails? Here are few ways to achieve this.

1.    Make sure you wear hand gloves when working with your hands (Gardening or during house chores) This will help protect your nails from germs and infection.

Dresses and Cocktails: Should Your Bridesmaids Pay?

Everyone on the face of the earth knows how expensive weddings are. A lot of people tend to focus on planning the wedding and may not budget for other activities like the pre-wedding dinner or the bridal shower. Sometimes these costs are spread to the bridal train regardless of the bridesmaids' current circumstances and are seen as a contribution to the wedding due to their position in the bride's ‘inner circle' or in some cases, mere ability to provide funds.
Money matters during weddings have been known to cause strain on friendships and here's why:

Habits That Hinder Weight Loss

The journey to weight loss can sometimes look like a long lonely journey. You put in so many efforts by registering at the gym to lose weight, you also follow a diet plan, but your weight still increase.
Do you know that your weight gain can be as a result of few bad habits? Yes, some of these bad habits can hinder your weight loss. Here are some of such.

Honeymoon Essentials;The Ultimate Travel Pack

Most women have been on holiday before and get very excited when packing, but they would definitely feel the need to be more prepared than ever for their first holiday as someone's wife.

Tips For a Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings are beautiful, unique and also romantic but are quite difficult to pull off due to various reasons. Outdoor Weddings come with a lot of challenges. However, if you follow these tips, things should turn out beautiful.