The S Word

When you and your partner have an argument or one of you upsets the other, the simplest of remedies is often avoided. Why is that men would rather give in (silently) or sulk (again, silently) and hope that Time would 'heal' the situation? Why do women insist that they are right? (Well, that's because they usually are) Why does 'he' have to sleep on the couch if 'she' is really upset with him? - Since 'hell hath no fury greater than a woman scorned' men tend to comply. And why does 'Sorry' seem to be the hardest word to say to someone you love?

Making The Cut

Making the Cut

If you've recently gotten engaged then CONGRATULATIONS!

Wedding Diaries: Once Upon A Time

As a young girl, I dreamt about my wedding day constantly, frequently inspired by romantic movies, my favourite of all time was "Cinderella the movie" with Brandy and Whitney Houston. I absolutely loved that one, and often imagined myself in Brandy's puffy dress, okay maybe not that puffy. The movies all seemed to follow the same pattern, boy meets girl, they fall madly in love with each other, and get married….what else could go wrong? Well… Welcome to the real world, my world.

Editors Blog: Busy Bees

Busy Bee

April was quite an eventful month for us, first with trying to get out the looooong overdue Sugar Updates. Our sincerest apologies for this, we’ll make it up in a big way to you. So we’ve done quite a bit of rearranging on Sugar! and we hope this makes your experience an even more enjoyable one.

The Wedding Diaries: Our first couple is Dunni & Demola, over the next few weeks, Dunni will take us through her 'blissful' wedding planning process, including juicy details like how he proposed, in-laws and more…

Budget Weddings

Budget Weddings

Every couple wants a good wedding, they’ve been to several weddings and are already gathering ideas. The focus with every wedding , big or small, rich or poor bride, you’ve got to have it the way you want... ok maybe not exactly you want, I’d have wanted Princess Diana's wedding if I could afford it… but there’s got to be something about the wedding that spells out yours and your partners personality.

Colour Me Bad

We all know her.

Bridal Fashion Spring 2009 Preview

Take a sneak peak at the latest bridal fashion from designers around the world

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Spotlight: The Gambia

With the growing trend of fabulous weddings and amazing memories, honeymoon destinations are definitely high on the list. The craze with Europe is still very much alive but so many more couples are looking within for memorable honeymoon options. It’s amazing how many interesting places there are within our continent. The Gambia, a world class tourist destination for the last decade presents a very pleasant surprise with a bumper package for fun loving couples.

One Dress 10 Ways


Bukky and Lanre Alakija

The Sofola and Alakija family came together in a celebration of love between their daughter and son, Bukky and Lanre. Their memorable event was held in Lekki.

Kemi and Ezekiel Adamu

The families of Dr Amos Adamu MFR (former Director General, Nigeria Sports Commission) and the The Late Dr Odeniyi and Mrs Bisoye Odeniyi-Usman (Oyeog fabrics) on Saturday the 13th of Dec celebrated the union of their children Ezekiel and Kemi at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, City of David Parish, Lagos.

Onohi and Tola Odunsi

Storm Records’ manager Tola Odunsi, tied the knot with his longtime love, Onohi Iremiren this past weekend. The pair met while still in secondary school and remained casual friends till Tola accompanied a friend to go visit Onohi sometime in 2004, and never stopped going back. The duo officially became an item in 2005.

Tyra's Unique Wedding Gift to Beyonce

What do you get a couple who has it all? Tyra knows, watch this clip from her talk show below to find out.

By A. Ejums

Rules of Engagement

When I think of Shirley Bassey I recall two iconic songs which had peculiar titles: 'Goldfinger' and 'Diamonds are Forever'. But whilst men probably reminisce about the callous adventures of a womanizing, gadget-sporting, trigger-happy spy with a licence to kill, women are reading between the lines (And if you still haven't had your Eureka! Moment at this point then you are obviously a tom-boy). Gold = Ring = Finger. Similarly Diamonds are…self-explanatory.

Spotlight: Cape Verde

West Africa is not usually your first choice honeymoon hotspot, but just off the coast of Senegal lies beautiful Cape Verde (Green Cape). A selection of tiny islands located on an archipelago off the Western coast of Africa. Cape Verde is an all round honeymoon spot with a difference. There are lots of things to interest the traveller, from spectacular mountain scenery to beautiful deserted beaches. Every Island has its own distinct character; from the lush and lively Santiago and the sandy and salty Sal, to the volcanic Sao Nicolau and diving paradise of Boa Vista.