What's Hot Now? Bows

The bow trend is sizzling hot right now and can be incorporated in almost every aspect of your wedding, dresses, décor, shoes, and jewellery are just a few of the things. Thinking of a bow inspired wedding? Click the pictures for inspiration.

Wedding Diaries: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Don't know why I like to relate my life to movies; I guess there's always a movie that describes my gist. So have you ever seen the movie 'Guess who's coming to dinner' or the recent remake 'Guess Who' with Bernie Mac {Rest His Soul} and Ashton Kutcher, well if you have not seen it, I advice you to close this gist, go and watch the movie then come back…honestly it's the only way you are going to truly grasp what am about to tell you.

Editor's Blog: Piggy Bling

This greedy pig stole an engagement ring!

This Year? Next Year? Sometime in the Future..

Dear Mr. Sugar, My boyfriend and I (to my knowledge at least) want to get married to each other. We both are somewhat financially secure, so day to day living as a married couple shouldn't be much of a struggle. He says he wants to get married 'earliest next year December' mind you we had this conversation in March. I don't see what's going to change between now and December so I don't see why we should wait that long if nothing significant is changing between now and then and we both feel strongly about each other.

Ooh La Lash

Ok so who doesn't want long luxurious, well defined lashes? Nowadays it's easier than ever to achieve whatever length you want with the various beauty products available in the market. Here’s the 411 on a few that that are sure to up your batting average….

Bridal Beauty 101

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life; you want to look your best on your special day so make sure you plan your make up carefully, well in advance. Whether you are doing your make up yourself or hiring someone else to do it, try to remember the following:

All Inclusive Honeymoon Spotlight - Ocho Rios Jamaica

Envision you and your fiancé in the midst of emerald mountains, a soft breeze caressing your skin, swimming in deep pools created by cascading waterfalls, incredible white sand beaches, and exotic flowers.  These are just a few reasons Jamaica is viewed as the original tropical paradise, and a classic luxury honeymoon destination! Known for its famous gourmet Blue Mountain coffee, Rum and Bananas, Jamaica has been an incredible must see destination for several years. The people have also been a key to classic Jamaican experience, and are known for their friendly, outgoing attitude.

Mr and Mrs 'Head'

Hi Mr. Sugar, My boyfriend and I continually have this argument about who the 'head' of the family is. I don't think there's a 'head' per se; I feel that spouses should be partners who fulfill different roles in their relationship. With no one role being important than the next. Both parties should be able to go to each other for advice I don't like this idea of one person having the final say for the family. He on the other hand thinks this is all just 'feminist BS'. Are we heading for disaster?

- Mrs. 'Head'


Dear Mrs. Head,

Editor's Blog: Yeside and Jibola Laguda (coming soon)

This black and gold affair took place recently in lekki, stay tuned for their wedding album and story!


Mimi and Mohammed

Love knew no time or place for Mimi & Mohammed. They met each other over a decade ago at A-level school in England. However, the sparks didn't start flying just yet, it took a friendship that spanned years, lasted across continents and, gradually blossomed into full blown love for each other.

Editor's Blog: Mimi and Mohammed Marwa (coming soon)

Mimi and Mohammed

Their elegant reception was held at the Yar Adua center in Abuja. Colours of the day were gold, silver, and white from the brides side and, fuschia and green from the grooms. With combined ancestries of Efik, Fulani, Igbo and Hausa from the couple, their celebration of love was truly a melting pot of cultures.

I can't wait to share this one, full wedding album coming soon.


Abimbola and Folarin

Abimbola and Folarin's wedding is one of the most beautiful ones I've seen in a long time. The grand affair took place at the gorgeous Belo Mansion - Pavilion in downtown Dallas. No detail was spared, from amazing invitations, down to their fantastic décor.

Editor's Blog: The Proposal

Kemi & Uche

I love the feeling I get when I see or hear of a really good proposal or wedding. While some people go all out, proposing while they are sky diving or something equally 'exciting', sometimes it's the simplest things that turn your insides to butter.

Kemi and Uche's proposal below did just that for me...

Wedding Diaries: Baby Boom

So you know how you crave for chocolate cake on a Sunday afternoon?, Nice, dark, moist, layered, maybe with some type of fruit topping...ye!

'Groomzilla on my hands'

Dear Mr. Sugar,

I'm getting married in 6 months and my fiance is driving me crazy with his outlandish wedding plans. He wants to be involved in everything even down to picking my dress, he wants to wear a white suit 'shudder' he wants to pick colours, he wants to wants to pick vendors, long story short he has appointed himself the official wedding planner. I'm